Is League of Legends better than Minecraft?

Asked by: Vaizar
  • League of legends is better

    This game has an awesome game play i was watching tournament and Minecraft does not have tournaments so I think League of Legends is better. This game has awesome graphs and this is going to make more money than Minecraft. League of Legends is under a challenge with Minecraft because Minecraft you can quit a game if you need to and not get banned. I like team games like the Hunger Games because it can be team work.

  • Yes it is

    League of Legends is better because it makes you think unlike minecraft, which only you just build things. In my opinion, I think of minecraft as a boring, retarded game because you only build things. Since you only do one things, it will get kinda boring over some time. In addition, you can;t win or lose in minecraft, so you can't be "good" at that game. In league, it is very competitive and it won't get boring because you are constantly trying to get better and to get to a higher rank.

  • League of Legends is a higher quality game then Minecraft

    This is only because of the different kinds of games they are supposed to be and this is being my opinion, with Minecraft being a simulator like game it is good at displayed lifelike actions and is a beauty to look at when the world generates. However League of Legends is a game that connects thousands of players with basic yet advanced gameplay, the game allows you to choose a character and affect a battlefield by being a persistant element to the combat. Both games are very good, but I feel like League of Legends is above Minecraft

  • There isn't a "better" in this debate.

    They are two completely different kinds of games, it's like comparing Mario to Battlefield; it just doesn't work. While I do find it kind'v comical that all the posts explaining why "Minecraft is better, and League sucks" are seemingly written by children of the age 8-12. Really makes you wonder how they even find pages like this.

  • League of Legends > Minecraft

    Minecraft is a kids game only appealing to under 10s. League of Legends is a huge and diverse game combining skills, team work and team compositions together to create a competitive environment. League of Legends require much more skill to play than Minecraft. Minecraft is a game for little kids afraid to lose.

  • League Is Better!

    I think League is better than minecraft , because league has more action in the game, and which minecraft doesn't. Also, I prefer league than minecraft, because you have to pay $27.00, and league is a free game. Also, minecraft the graphic is bad, everything is blocks, and it doesn't even have a lot action in the game. That's why I think league is a better game than minecraft! :)

  • League of legend is better

    1 minecraft's graphic socks
    2 league of legend is alot more popular and if you go to asia, you will find that nobody plays minecraft but they are crazy about league in Korea and china this makes the game way more competitive worldwide
    4 league of legend has tournament but not minecraft
    5 league also requires alot more skills and team work than minecraft.
    You don't really need IQ to play minecraft if you see a 10 years old they will probably get asskicked in league but they can survive in minecraft

  • LoL (League of Legends) is better

    I played both games for a while and found myself stuck to LoL, I have been playing each game for 2 months but until now I quit playing minecraft and started playing LoL. Minecraft is mostly about crafting, constructing, exploring which is what you usually do in your free time. LoL is more strategic and requires more teamwork, this is very hard to do which is why this makes the game exciting since you can have so many different people playing with you or against you and there are also different "champions" which you can unlock. Minecraft is a great game too but I really prefer LoL for it's cartoonish graphics, better content, and more social experience.

  • Minecraft have bad Graphics and unrealistic

    League of Legends has better graphic than Minecraft because it is just blocks everywhere. In Real life, u can't punch stone to destroy them and in real life lava and water takes a long to become obsidian. It is so fake. Thats why League of Legends is better than Minecraft.

  • LOL is better

    I have been playing minecraft for two years, and I have played League(Weed) of Legends for almost a year now. The main difference is that Minecraft is more of a creative game, while League of Legends is more competitive. I have still yet to complete my provisionals because I am afriad I will be played in Bronze.

  • Minecraft - League of Legends

    Minecraft, is just more Teamwork than League of Legends. There are groups playing together, working together, to collect resources, attack enemy bases, take over territory, eliminate the enemy,
    To explore strange new worlds, to seek out life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

    League of Legends is fun for a little while, but it is just the same thing over and over again and will get a little boring. With Minecraft you can do anything because it is a sandbox game, with a little bit of coding infused inside it. As many others has stated, there are Servers, each a little unique with a vast amount of players.

    I say there is more teamwork because with League, you may have max 20 people in game maybe. In minecraft, there are vast servers such as Hypixal with approximately 10,000 players, (dependent on the time of day (time zones))

    Short Term, I would say League is better, but long term, Minecraft is better.

  • I am showing everyone who voted yes, why they are wrong.

    Ok, i will argue with ALL the "yes" votes. Minecraft doesnt have tournaments, yes, but we have CONVENTIONS where lots of famous MC youtubers meet. Minecon. Bad graphics: have any of you heard TEXTURE PACKS???? They make the graphics WAY better and its easy to install. Played worldwide: same thing with minecraft... Not a pvp game: actually, it IS a pvp game... I will name some because there is too many to list all of them; Hunger games , survival games, kit pvp, free for all, capture the flag, those are just a few. No strategy and skill: there are many games in the servers of minecraft that need skill. One example: when u play the hunger games in minecraft, some servers give u traps and blockades and other unique skills, there are also points that i ppl use to upgrade their skill level. They fight to the death in the end.
    Too simple: only some NOOBS, yes, but their are lots of intense things in minecraft. Such as ALL of the minigames on servers!!!! You can only do this, an you cant do that: this on is just wrong. There are ENDLESS things to do in minecraft. The servers, ENDLESS, the minigames, ENDLESS, the possibilities, ENDLESS!!!! U cant win or lose in minecraft: in singleplayer, u die lots of times. In multiplayer, all the minigames u win or lose ALL THE TIME!!!! Skins- u can change them for FREE. Its paid- yes, but its WORTH!!! Look at all the possibilities!!!! In the pvp games u can use teamwork to fight the other team. The mods- ENDLESS and makes the games even BETTER!!!!

  • Minecraft beats LoL

    Lets compare the community first. In LoL, The community will swear at you, Taunt you, and all those other stuff. Basically, its a douchebag simulator 2014. In Minecraft, YOU make the community, Its your server, do whatever you want. What's that? Something about teamwork? I don't know LoL players, unless you are playing side by side, The debate wouldn't be Minecraft Vs LoL, it would be Pros Vs Noobs. We all know that noobs has a lot to learn, BUT IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, they are basically your enemy during a battle, even if you ARE on the same team. In Minecraft, Noobs aren't forced to be cursed or be the one person to be hated by everyone else, They all start at dirt houses in Single player, next they would be at wooden Single player, and then they would go wiki and find out about everything in minecraft, then they would go to servers where they work together and not get kicked. What's that LOL gamers? There is no point in playing minecraft? LOOK WHO'S TALKING! In LoL, all you do is kill and win, supporting the idea "whoever wins the most is the best". LoL is a game where you kill people, you beat the crap out of the AI, and that's about it. In Minecraft you can have a list of possibilities and still end up writting it. Lets enumerate shall we: build houses, make machines, kill people, beat the crap out of AI, create amazing fortresses, invent a minigame, make a few modifications, be famous in youtube, survive like Bear Grylls, kill animals like Bear Grylls, download the Bear Grylls mod and drink piss like Bear Grylls, invent a Bear Grylls mod, ask Bear Grylls to check out he Bear Grylls mod, recreate iconic monuments, recreate recreations of Iconic monument, make pixel art, and so much more. What's that LoL players? Oh, the graphics? (PUNCHES LOL PLAYER REPEATEDLY) oh whats that? Its a pay to play game? Well, that's why we have Crack (and no, crack buyers, I do not mean that kind of crack), why? Because the people in our 3rd world country with a low economy have a right to play any game they want BECAUSE MINECRAFT IS FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE and that's exactly what Minecraft is, the people. You don't need some game to tell you that you need to kill, You decide what to do! You create your own adventure! And there is nothing stopping you in YOUR OWN WORLD!!!

  • Minecraft is overall a better game/

    In minecraft, you have no limitations, the community is so large and supportive that there is a mod for everything. Some people may not like it due to its pixelated nature, however it gives it a certain uniqueness that games like Lol do not have. In Minecraft, the sky is the limit (literally).

    Posted by: Jev
  • Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever!!!

    Minecraft is and always will be better than league of legends which I never even knew exstied till today. Also minecraft can be used on many different dives such as x-box 360, pc, and a tablet or Ipad. Lastly minecraft also takes some stragety and skill as well. I urge you to vote minecraft in this debate!

  • Minecraft is great!

    You can play it in many different devices. You can build whatever you want. You get better at creative, team work, and hand eye coordination. You could make a huge city with an economy and jobs, a underground complex, statues of yourself, and lots more. There should be more people voting for this.

  • Minecraft never gets repetitive. Simple as that.

    Lol gets boring overtime because it's the same thing over and over again. Minecraft is constantly getting updated and there's always something new to do. Along with that, the community is much nicer and unlike Riot, Notch actually cares and listens to his supporters. Sorry, but lol is just a huge waste of time.

  • Minecraft has more views than lol

    LOl has only third person view. Minecraft has three diferente views. First person, third person and second person. In minecraft you can do whatever you want but in lol you just have to kill the others and
    destroy the enemy tower. It is more limited and just because it is the most played it is not better!!!

  • Minecraft is so creative and fun.

    You can easily tell that more people like minecraft than league of legends, on YouTube there are a bunch of people that play minecraft and have millions of views and subscribers, and there are barely any league of legends players and barely any views or subscribers. Minecraft is never ending and fun. There are tons of things you can do than besides building, you can fish, cooperate, kill, parkour maps, ride boats, ride horses, hungergames, swim, craft, mine, shoot with arrows, and do a TON of other stuff. League of Leagends, you can only do killing and cooperation, that's it. This is why minecraft is better.

  • Minecraft is way better!

    In Minecraft you can do multiple things. If you dont like minecraft its just because you have no imagination at all. In minecraft you can build anything you can think of and there is so many things to do. When i first got minecraft i learned something new about the game every day. If you are not a fan of building then play mini-games like sg or pvp. You cant say there is nothing to do because they have updates and there are new games that they make for minecraft.

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