Is League of Legends the most popular game in the world?

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  • Pokemon Go is, in all probability, more popular.

    Even though the player base has dropped significantly, in April 2017, Niantic had announced it still had 65 million players for Pokemon Go. Even assuming half of those remaining players have left the game by now, which is unlikely but possible, that still leaves 32.5 million players left in the player base. This ignores the players who are just getting into it, returning to it since its updates, and so on. LoL has a regular player base of about 27 million, which is still impressive and likely in-line with the DAU for Pokemon Go. That said, League of Legends also benefits from having one of the most consistent fanbases, whereas Pokemon Go suffered from one of the largest player gouges of any game, as to be expected of a game that surpassed many records and expectations, even if it failed to live up to the requirement of replay-ability.

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