• It is important.

    Yes it is important because some times it can be fun! If you didn't learn you couldn't even be reading this paragraph. You also wouldn't know what 1+0 is! But it would be a little better if we could chew gum in school. Learning can teach you any thing and can take you on a adventure!

  • You may think that learning is so so boring! But it isn't. Why? Think about it. You do this everyday!

    First of all, learning helps you every day otherwise you wouldn't even know what 1+1 is! Learning isn't always about studies it can be learning how to ride a bike! It is not impossible or easy at all, it's in the middle! Still hasn't changed you mind well read this carefully if you adore television, they teach you thing even though you do not see what the message or moral is! Look you always learn at least 1 thing everyday, whether we like learning or not! The thing is as I said before it is not all about studies although studies will benefit for your future.

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