• Maths is better

    In today's world, we are bombarded with data that must be absorbed, sorted, organized, and used to make decisions. The underpinnings of everyday life, such as making purchases, choosing insurance or health plans, and planning for retirement, all require mathematical competence. Business and industry need workers who can solve real-world problems, explain their thinking to others, identify and analyze trends in data, and use modern technology.

    Recent data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reveal that more students must pursue mathematical and technical occupations. Employment projections to 2010 expect these occupations to add the most jobs and grow the fastest among the eight professional and related occupational subgroups (Hecker 2001). But will enough qualified workers be available to fill the projected 2 million positions? Sixty percent of all new jobs in the early twenty-first century will require skills that are possessed by only 20 percent of the current workforce (National Commission on Mathematics and Science for the Twenty-first Century 2000). Whatever your child chooses to do in life, you can be certain that having a strong understanding of mathematics will open doors to a productive future.

  • Neither are better

    Both education in math and English is necessary to be both a successful person and a literate and free person. To form some dichotomy between them is simply ridiculous. They both complement each other, and for good reason. So to be truly literate, one must learn both to the full extent they can.

  • Both are imporant subjects to learn

    While I assume there are more accounts out there then authors, I personally feel both Math and English are two very important subjects to learn. We all need to use math in our every day lives just as much as we need to use English. Proper grammar comes off just as presentable as knowing how to count.

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