• Yes, but are we learning?

    If we don't learn how to talk, we can't communicate. If we don't learn how to walk we won't go anywhere. Learning's definition is to change the behavior that results from experience. When using this definition, we aren't actually learning. We "memorize" facts, but if we were tested a few months later, we wouldn't remember. So yes learning is necessary, but we aren't being taught.

  • Yes, Learning Is Necessary

    Of course learning is necessary. Its needed in order to function and survive in the world. If we did not learn anything society would be very primitive and the world would not be where it is today. Nothing would every get done and there would be no progress among people.

  • Yes, learning is a way of life!

    Learning aspects every day of our lives. As humans we make mistakes and to grow we learn from them. I know people who make the same mistake over and over again and blame other people for their mistakes. Those type people never grow or learn new ways to deals with life.

  • Yes, learning is really necessary.

    Learning is vital to any country's future. Children need to attend school and learn about as many subjects as possible. When they grow older, they will be in charge of the country. They will then have to draw on what they learned in school and from other avenues to keep the country headed in the right direction.

  • Of course learning is necessary.

    There are many different types of learning, and many different ways to learn, but certainly learning is necessary. We need to learn everyday in order to continue to survive. A person who stops learning stops growing and stops becoming a better and more productive person. While traditional schooling is not necessary, continued learning absolutely is.

  • Getting judged .

    Everybody has their own needs and differing interests . All of you my agree that learning is inevitable. But look it has become such that I go to school to learn to sit for exams then get judged . What's the point. And as I grow older , do I really need these things like humanities and all ?

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