Is learning to become ambidextrous harmful?

Asked by: sdavio
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  • Leonardo Davinci: Ambidextrous

    Leonardo Davinci was ambidextrous. He was a Polymath which means he had attained world class knowledge and skill in a number of different areas. He is considered by many to be the smartest man who ever lived. He was creative, hyper intelligent, physically very strong(He was said to be able to bend horse shoes with his hands.)a brilliant artist and painter, a musician and composer, an engineer and the list goes on. He was the best in any field he endeavored in for the most part.

  • Of course not!

    In fact, I can think of only positives. This skill could improve tasks and hobbies such as handwriting, piano playing (as noted by the picture), and there are countless numbers of sports that depend on hand usage, and a player's skill in these would be improved by an increased talent of use in both hands.

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YYW says2013-06-18T18:21:46.120
My comment was submitter for fvcking moderation.... What a surprise.
Eitan_Zohar says2013-06-18T18:30:37.610
Uh... Why would this be harmful?
YYW says2013-06-18T18:41:04.730
Because the romans killed off all the southpaws... My [trolling] argument read something to the effect of: because the romans killed all the southpaws, we know that left-handedness in any form is immoral. Ambidexterity implies left-handedness, and therefore promulgates immoral handedness -which is why it is harmful.
YYW says2013-06-18T18:41:32.540
I also said that if you jack off with your left hand, you will burn... Perhaps that is why my comment was submitted for moderation.
sdavio says2013-06-19T09:44:31.550
I asked this because I've heard it causes stuttering and communication problems..