• LeBron James Greatest All Around Player.

    Don't get me wrong Larry is a top 10 player all time and was a total beast out there. But lets be honest here LeBron is a freaking specimen out there and can do whatever he wants on the court. LeBron is the only player in NBA history to have 27,000 pts , 7,000 ast, and 7,000 rebs in his career. He is also in the top stats all time for regular season and postseason. Larry was clutch and carried a team for sure against a high quality of other NBA teams. LeBron is the last player that will play the game the way Larry's era played. LeBron has been to 6 straight NBA finals and knows how to lead a team through tough circumstance. He took a team with Larry Hughes and Big Z as the headliners of his support staff. Larry had a strong support staff every year. Not to knock Larry but Lebron is the better player

  • Lebron is a baby

    Lebron is a baby, doesn’t trust his team, and thinks he’s the best. Bird shows leadership, helps his team, and is a trustworthy player that will help the team a time of a crunch.... Overall bird is a much better player and lebron sucks, is a baby, and I hate him

  • Larry Legend is the greatest SF ever.

    Larry Bird is better than Lebron for a few reasons. First of all while he has less titles he also played in the league when it was at its peak in parity and competitiveness. He was playing with the best players in the history of the NBA like Magic, Jordan, Kareem and faced some of the best teams in history such as the Bad Boy Pistons and the Bulls and the Showtime Lakers. Lastly if you had Larry play in todays NBA he could succeed but I do not think Lebron could survive Larry's time

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