• Yes, because they have influenced many other bands

    Led Zeppelin is not only influential in rock and roll music, but they also influence many other areas of art and expression. The movie "School of Rock" is heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin. If you listen to many other rock bands such as Tenacious D or Muse the influence from Led Zeppelin is apparent. Led Zeppelin is the best rock and roll band because they influence so many areas of art and music.

  • Led Zeppelin Is The Greatest of All-Time

    Led Zeppelin is indeed the greatest Rock N' Roll Group of all time. Their music is still being played today. The influence they had during their short time is tremendous. Many musicians speak highly of the band and you can hear their influence in a lot of the music today.

  • Yes Led Zeppelin is the best rock and roll of all time!

    Led Zeppelin started the rock and roll era and music. Led Zeppelin is inspiration to other rock and roll musicians, and they created the rock and roll genre. Rock and roll is my favorite type of music and I have a lot of respect for a group of people who started the rock and roll genre!

  • Yes, Led Zeppelin's riffs, vocals, drums, and attitude grab your like no other.

    Individually and collectively they were unmatched in musical prowess. Their music grabs hold of you and takes you to a place other bands cannot. They sound was incredibly tight and melodic while being loud and powerful. They could play soft and subtle and then hard and enormous with musical precision that has never been duplicated. The stones and the Beatles are very close to them at the pinnacle of rock and roll but it doesn't get any better than Black Dog, Stairway, Kashmir, Over the Hills and Far Away, Ramble On, and the list goes on. Beatles were more pop, and the Stones are great but lack the same powerful impact on rock and roll. These bands are top three any way you slice it!

  • Can 10 million people be wrong?

    The Beatles were great hit writers, no doubt. But Zep had it all: Page's arrangement's, Plant's exotic vocals (an instrument in itself . Bonzo may be the greatest drummer that ever lived and was the driving force that made this band that great. Jones was content to do whatever it took. These guy's defined sex, drugs and rock and roll in the '70s.

    The Mighty ZEP: they were the Band that every band in the '80s wanted to be. Isn't that the definition of great?

  • YES the best, no band came close.

    No band came close, the best there is and was. Best singer ever, best guitarist ever, a bass player who could play anything at top level and of course, the most powerful rock drummer ever. Jack Black described them as "the greatest rock n roll band of all time', end off.

  • They were the only band that wanted to make you tear your hair out

    Best collective individual musicians, greatest drummer, top 5 guitarist and vocalist, also Page was the most fluid heavy rock guitarist and if you see the live concerts they sometimes played extemporaneous which goes to show how well they gelled together. Page was one of the great rock producers which was evident in tracks like Achilles Last Stand.

  • My first concert

    It was 1977 in Florida and my first show but completely unforgettable. A hot humid day with a major rainstorm on its way after waiting on the field for 6 hours waiting for it to start. And they played only 4 songs until the sky opened and the band had to leave. So why was it so memorable? The music - the feel of the base from the speakers, the crowd getting into the music just an unbelievable afternoon of music. Hammer of the gods.

  • Just listen to the music!

    Listen to all their music and ask yourself, "what rock band rocks it harder with a better variety of tunes you never get tired hearing?" Stairway to Heaven is still amazing! Many bands have cults of personality like the Stones and Grateful Dead. Led Zep masters the music and lyric, with imagination and excellence. Love the electric and acoustic, rather than electronic, sound quality.

  • Simply the best...

    Led Zeppelin was everything everyone else wasn't, they were the gods of music at the time, they dominated record stores, stadiums and people seemingly overnight. Led Zeppelin truly did every basic music genre. Zeppelin continue to rack up record sales and fans every minute of the day and even though Bonzo is gone, he continues to live on in our hearts and in the music that made him the greatest drummer of all time.

  • The Leading guitarist was excellent and carried the band. Robert Plant was not a really great singer.

    It's my belief that Freddie Mercury was an out of this world excellent singer with a musical range that was not used fully. The songs and lyrics were unique and catchy. The Lead guitarist though played standard rock'n roll was not outstanding among the greats like Jimi Hendriks, Jimmy Paige, Eric Clapton etc.

  • Led Zeppelin could never overcome bands like: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Who...

    First of all, because the creativity... Zepp was essentially a covers band. They exploded, literally, the delta blues of the old afro americans, even without recognizing their credits. Second, Zepp's original songs, even though the excellent music, used to have very stupid lyrics. No one can deny that the band was formed by extraordinaries musicians but this fact isn't enough to declare this band as "the best rock 'n roll band ever". There are a lot of bands and artists who deserve this nomination: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, for instance... Iove Led Zeppelin but there are betters, undoubtedly.

  • They're legendary but not the greatest

    I like Led Zeppelin, I really do but you gotta ask, how did they really change the game? I mean The Beatles really changed the way we look at music with songs that weren't meant to be popular such as Helter Skelter yet still are huge parts of rock history. KISS, Rush and Queen changed the way we look at concerts. Led Zeppelin is definitely a top 5 but I wouldn't call them the greatest of all time.

  • They are confirmed musical thief

    They are the greatest musical thief getting credits for songs they just copied and act ted like they are the real author of the songs, how many times others are claiming ownership of the songs they are pretending to have written by themselves? Is that what you call the best?

  • No they're not.

    It's kind of like asking who's the king of rock. Everybody knows it's elvis, like him or not. The question about best band was answered back in the 60s when the beatles came out & spawned millions of other bands in their wake. No other band has had the level of success, influence & musical growth than the beatles.

  • The Closest Second

    The Beatles did much more in less time. Led Zeppelin had a full decade to create their 9 great studio albums, but The Beatles had more material over 13 studio albums (Britain album count) written all in 8 years. Yes, Led Zeppelin has iconic songs and members, but The Beatles had more influence with their intellects, intelligence, performing ability, and songwriting skills. The Beatles probably inspired Led Zeppelin to become a band. I might even put forth this argument: The Beatles' acoustic songs like Norwegian Wood, Blackbird and Here Comes The Sun have certainly inspired Led Zeppelin folk songs from Ramble On, The Rain Song and Going To California. Although 1/4th of Zeppelin's catalogue is acoustic work, The Beatles covered much more genres in their work from art rock Sgt. Pepper, folk-inspired Rubber Soul, psychedelic Revolver, poppy Help!, bluesy Abbey Road, soft rock Let It Be and the assemblage of a plethora of genres in The White Album. Not taking anything away from the magnificent Led Zeppelin, but they are second on my personal list of greatest groups of all time, behind only the quintessential Beatles.

  • Why??? Pink floyd is the best. Toss up between them and the beatles.

    I love zepp but more innovative,revolutionary than the beatles or the floyd,,,,,,no way. Great to have on at parties, great to rock on to,but original no!!!!Just hardened blues and folk. Even deep purple brought more originality to the table. And they didn't knock of other people songs(yes i know bands take a little ,but not whole songs). I still think the zepp is great though just not the greatest.

  • This band makes JOCK ROCK

    Awful sounding guitar bridges, boring, oh so boring. Hit your head on a table boring. Not to mention that whiny voice. I do not understand why this band has won all the respect it has. Maybe cause the band t-shirts look cool? Or because they were told this is good music? Or because they wanted to be a musician and were told this is the music musicians respect? Never liked them, never will.

  • Led Zeppelin were half of a great band.

    As everyone seems to say, Led Zeppelin had one of the greatest-ever rhythm sections in all of rock music. Bonham and Jones were incredible not only in how good they sounded, but also in how they were, as players, capable of getting out of the way and providing an underlying propulsion for Plant and Page to work on. But Plant and Page are the problem; the prior is, let's face it, not a very good singer, and the latter, while a very very good guitar player, sacrificed in his songwriting actual depth for pretentious myth-making. So what Led Zeppelin end up being is a great drummer and bassist adding propulsion to shallow, nerdy (not in the thoughtful way, but in the I-can-trace-the -genealogies-of-every-LotR-character kind of way, which can be fun, but is ultimately really really stupid) totems signifying nothing other than how much Led Zeppelin rock. Art should have higher standards.

  • No they are not.

    They are not the best rock n roll band of all time, but they are one of the better ones that many people will remember for a long time and will think about even years after their time. People like their music and their unique style, but many other bands have great sound too.

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