• Yes, they practically built the genre

    Although now we mostly think of 'creative' as being outside the box, the really creative people are the ones that build the box in the first place. As far as rock music goes, that's generally Led Zeppelin. Other bands have maybe taken rock to a whole different level, but without the building blocks of Led Zeppelin, that's not even possible.

  • Yes, Led Zeppelin is the most creative rock band of all time.

    Led Zeppelin is the most creative rock band of all time. This is because the band was composed of four, uniquely talented musicians. Jimmy Page brought amazing guitar skills; Robert Plant brought powerful vocals and creative lyrics; John Paul Jones is one of the most high-profile bass players for any band; John Bohnman has inspired countless drummers with his drumming. Each of these members contributed high levels of creativity in the band's song wring process.

  • One of the creative but not THE creative

    As far as creativity is concerned, it all comes to songwriting..How an entire song is structured ! Sure their songs are long enough to induce a lot of musical stuff but we simply cannot overlook other rock bands like Queen (who fused rock with classical), AC DC ( who carried rawness), Eagles (who merged rock with ballad acoustic music), etc. Also as far as their hits are considered, we have to admit that they missed consistency..Surely there are many stand - out songs but after repeated intervals...May be during the time when Zeppelin ruled the music industry, they were the most creative band..But as decades passed, i would creativity too had undergone many transitions..Finally i would say Zeppelin is one of the most RAW & ORIGINAL kind of rock bands of all time...

  • No, there are many creative bands.

    No, Led Zeppelin is not the most creative band of all time. They may be popular and use innovative techniques, but that does not make them the most creative. Less popular bands from their era, earlier, and later have all explored, innovated, and created new ways of producing music. With such a saturated market, including creative but little-known artists, it is impossible to qualify "most creative" in any meaningful sense. Also, Led Zeppelin is now considered classic rock by most. Even if they were once the "most creative" band around, new artists have had to build on their foundation to make new and more creative music.

  • Not the most creative

    Led Zeppelin is not the most creative band of all time but would be close. I think Pink Floyd under Roger Waters was the most creative. There is more to rock music than just guitars and I think Pink Floyd has done all it can in terms of bringing creativity to the platform of rock music.

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