Is left-wing (liberal) better overall than right-wing (conservative)?

  • And thats not saying much as the left sucks too

    At least left leaning people tend to be nicer than right leaning people. Sure, not everyone right leaning is bad. But the whole right wing ideology just outright sucks. Their whole values lie on giving privilege to the stronger people. Plus at its core, right wing is just outright authoritarian for the sake of being authoritarian.

  • Liberalism is better.

    I've met a lot of conservatives, And they have struck out to me as not the nicest people out there, Even without saying a single word related to politics. Moving on to the refugee crisis, Those worrying about terrorists should stop. There's a thing called background checks.
    Moving onto the 2nd amendment, It's too easy to buy a gun. The original purpose was to arm the milita, But now we have a epidemic of school shootings. It's outdated. (PS: In the US, Permanent residents that originally came from overseas can get a gun! )

  • All The Right Wingers are Selfish Lying Lowlifes who state Facism and Violence is Left Even Though Adolf Hitler and the Nazis Were FarRight Facists

    Left Wing is more accepting and liberalised and understanding of the ordinary working people and everyone beside the bloody millionaires and p***ing royal family”. Conservatives are nothing but jumped out nobody’s that do nothing for anyone but themselves and rich people. The Liberals, Democrats And Labour on the other hand have done many previous things in the past. Overall Left is better than right and if the world wants to get better in every way they have to elect left wing governments instead of stupid, Idiotic, Selfish, Ignorant and useless right wing governments.

  • Liberalism is Logic, Conservatism is Authoritarian

    I am pro-life and I support the Amendment but I consider myself a liberal. I think the entire concept of "left" and "right" is a way for those in power to keep the people divided, Just as they have used religion a d race to divide us in the past. Those in power have always feared the people in the working classes uniting for better pay and treatment, History bears this out and is a proven fact. I consider myself a liberal because I feel that any idea should be evaluated and tested on its merits, To be proven factually to be a good thing. Liberals unfortunately have been pulled too much into ideology but are still far more open to having their ideas challenged. Conservatives arw totally ideologically based and rely on an authority figure like God or Trump to tell them what ia right and wrong. Whatever the authoroty says, They will believe it and follow it even if it completely contradicts other precepts they supposedly hold dear. This is like cult mentality. As I said there is too much of this creeping in on the left and we need to go back to testing ideas for merit.

  • I believe the left is better because. . .

    The right tries to kill babies (abortion) even though they are the ones who had sex in the first place, Also rape dose not count ever since they lied about false rape also you can put them up for adoption, You don't have to murder. Also you can defend yourself from rape thanks to our left wing viwes. Also generally the left is better becuase the left is the party of ablincoln/aboininists and the right is the party who started a war when abe and trump were elected started the KKK assasinated abe lincoln and are the ones who want slavery. How can you even consider that they are good.

  • Yes, A society that promotes equal rights and opportunity for all is better. Taking all variables into account is better.

    The right tends to attempt to protect an uneven playing field, And fights tooth and nail against leveling the playing field. They fail to see a bigger picture of what harms others, So they think they should be allowed to take actions that directly hurt others. They want their solutions simple, When the equation is vast. They need to learn to take all variables into account when determining "fair", Rather than bitching that other people get the same rights they do.

  • Left wing is better

    I believe that at the core of my belief system is caring for other people. I want to help. I oppose racism and police brutality because they hurt lots of people. I believe in clean energy because I don’t want thousands of people to die just so some rich guy can get a bigger pay check. I’ve considered it, and I honestly don’t think I’m capable of understanding conservatives. I can’t understand thinking the ability to own an assault rifle without the proper training is worth more than the lives of hundreds of children. I can’t understand thinking a company’s refusal to raise the minimum wage with rising inflation is more valid than the rights of poor people to a decent meal and a roof above their heads. I don’t like to feel like I’m strawmanning, but these are the kind of policies that get votes from right wing demographics! If I had to guess, I’d say the root of conservative ideology is a belief that those in power are there because they deserve to be. That the weak and victimized just aren’t trying enough or that they’re just entitled weaklings who are bitter about losing. But it’s not true. Life isn’t like that, there isn’t that kind of inherent fairness, and refusing to change anything in service of a selfish delusion isn’t going to change that. If someone is in a wheelchair, they probably didn’t choose to be there. So hold the door open for them— it’s the nicest thing to do.

  • Why I believe centre-left wing is better (but why we shouldn't make a huge fuss about it)

    The thing which I believe about politics is that you can get too much of either thing. Far left is communism (which basically removes all incentives to work). Far right is fascism (like nazism: do I really need to go into this?). Either way, we don't want either. Another thing that we need to realise is that the world isn't perfect, so if we went with conservatism, then we'd never improve. An important thing to note is that I am not saying throw out old values entirely, just keep some, replace some. A perfect example of this is slavery. How many of you are against slavery? None, right? One of my main values is creativity, originality, not accepting the status quo. A thing I have noticed in the conservatism section is somebody's argument is how an argument against a leftist is like (for them) Guess what? To the leftist, it probably looked exactly like that? Why? Confirmation bias. It says that humans usually look for things which support their opinion, and I, a human, naturally still show it, but because I know about it, I can catch myself when I do it. Although I still think all this, I believe that there is a "sweet spot" a bit left of the centre. I allow everybody equal rights, like same-sex marriage is legalised, an employer can't say "you can't do x because you're part of <insert a minority group here> (although it uncontrollably happens inside, even if we can't consciously block it), but I don't have things like the government saying "Nice company you have there. Would be a shame if the government took control of it", and then they take control over your company. Like I said, the extremes are not where to go. Stay in the moderate side of things. Another thing is that I will allow corporations to hire more majority populus, if they're better skilled, but must help minority groups grow. Apparently, according to this website:, boys outnumber girls in computer science exams four to one (i.E., for every 4 boys in computer science exams, on average there is one girl, or girls are one fifth of the people in computer science exams)! Imagine what new things we could get if we could reach this partly-tapped population! Finally, one important thing is to actually question things we believe, but aren't true.
    So, what are my tips?
    1: Whenever you hear a shocking statistic, go online and see if you can find it.
    2: After you do step 1, even if you've formed an opinion, find more similar websites, both supporting and contradicting your claim, being aware of confirmation bias.
    3: After you do the above, fit your claims to what you believe has more secure data.
    4: Don't make a flamewar when somebody has a different opinion. We are all on the same boat, remember.
    5: Repeat.

  • Liberalism is better.

    I've met a lot of conservatives, and they have struck out to me as not the nicest people out there, even without saying a single word related to politics. Moving on to the refugee crisis, those worrying about terrorists should stop. There's a thing called background checks.
    Moving onto the 2nd amendment, it's too easy to buy a gun. The original purpose was to arm the milita, but now we have a epidemic of school shootings. It's outdated. (PS: In the US, permanent residents that originally came from overseas can get a gun!)

  • Liberalism is better.

    I've met a lot of conservatives, and they have struck out to me as not the nicest people out there, even without saying a single word related to politics. Moving on to the refugee crisis, those worrying about terrorists should stop. There's a thing called background checks.
    Moving onto the 2nd amendment, it's too easy to buy a gun. The original purpose was to arm the milita, but now we have a epidemic of school shootings. It's outdated. (PS: In the US, permanent residents that originally came from overseas can get a gun!)

  • My Day as a Liberal.

    After numerous debates with people on different “hot issues;” many of which have been around for decades, I decided to spend a day looking at life through the eyes of a Liberal American. Walk a mile in their shoes per se. Here is my story:
    The very first thing I felt was this huge understanding for the “less fortunate.” Why do I deserve the job I have? I mean, I went to college and spent years working up in my company; but why do I deserve this job more than an uneducated minority? Hiring shouldn’t be based on ability or education, race should be considered first. We should also all invest our money into minority programs to help pay for college and job training; because it isn’t like the ten minute process it took me to get student loans is enough.
    This thought lead to me realizing how much extra money I have laying around the house. Seriously, I shouldn’t be saving this for my family when there are so many people out there that don’t want to work. We should all share our wealth, no one should be allowed advance themselves when there are people that won’t. It’s not like we should expect people to become self-reliant. Forget personal responsibility, social responsibility is where it’s at!
    Speaking of social responsibility; it is so hard to legally immigrate in the U.S. these days! We should welcome anyone with open arms, whether they sneak here or go through the simple and legal process we should be providing them with homes, jobs, and healthcare. We don’t need to focus on the people that are already here when there are so many foreigners in need. Joe doesn’t need that job as much as Jose!

  • Identity politics is not a social issue, It is a tool of tyranny.

    The liberal view of the world, Is an unrealistic belief, In the unattainable consensus, That everyone in society is equal, Socially, Financially and morally. Liberalism is only attainable when the best of people are willing to accept the worst of people without question, And live side by side with someone not responsible for anything but devotion to the state. Individual freedom and responsibility become just meaningless words. A conservative view accepts man's faults and through individual freedom and personal liberty, Expect individuals in society to ensure the rules for all are fair and just. Conservatives believe that equal opportunity is not the same as equal results. As long as the rules are fair for all, And people have equal liberty and freedom, Results are a product of individual labor. Liberals need to achieve their goals by changing the individual to except a socialist society, Where individual rights are subservient to the society's needs. Whereas the conservatives attempt to achieve their goals by building a society that individuals have to accept a certain amount responsibility for their personal liberty and freedoms, By not infringing on others rights. Without individual responsibility, Freedom and liberty become more difficult to hold on to. Eliminating individual responsibility ensures that both will vanish altogether.

  • Of course not.

    In history the conservatives are left wing and they killed a lot of people. For example, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Mao Tse Tung, Whose ditactorships caused a massive genocide and two world wars. And right wing are liberals, The capitalism is the best economic system nowadays in the world we live.

  • Facts don't care about your feelings.

    Its a fact, You would be stupid to argue that. Its what leftists struggle with most. Also in america if you are living in poverty, Its because of you, Not the 1%, And they shouldn't pay for you mistakes. Everyone regardless of gender, Race, Or religious belief has a chance the be a billionaire. Also if you noticed we are using actual facts. Look at you titles for example. 95% of all you titles are Liberalism is better, Which is opinion-based!

  • I believe the Right in most cases is more reasonable than the left.

    I am more center left and what I have seen is both sides of politics have their extremists that is a fact. Also both sides have corruption which is also a fact. Its when you get into the number of extremists and the demonetization of one side you see the left begin to be shown in a negative light. When a right wing speaker goes to a college to speak many times he will be protested and his event may be shut down. When a left wing speaker is at a college they are treated like the most important and precious thing in the world. When you go to a Right wing rally and or protest the people are in most cases really nice calm and cooperate with the local law enforcement. When you go to a left wing rally and or protest the climate especially a antifa protest is tense with people screaming about Nazis and destroying of businesses. Most of the time there either little to no communication with law enforcement which sometimes leaders to clashes between police and protesters. When the Right has a counter protest which is not common, But not rare either it is usually small and is either a few extremists or really quite and just some local republicans. When Leftist have a counter protest they harass the right wingers by screaming in their faces insulting them. When the counter protest is either close to or bigger then the right winger side it gets violent usually cause the left has numbers and they become a mob mentality. This is why I think the right wing is better then the left at lest in tolerance of the other.

  • This is a no brainer, Which is surprising those on the left still don't get it.

    Half the left arguments, Slavery, Racism, Facists, Among other things ironically started and were carried on for generations by the left. It's not about being nice or not, Plenty on the right are "nice" before the leftists throw labels on them, But about responsibility. Something the lefts are great at shirking. There are plenty of opportunities out there to make things better for oneself, You just can't complain and need to work hard. No, Things aren't always fair, Sorry, It doesn't mean it is everyones responsibility to make your life better. There are so many things wrong with left ideology that a 200 page message wouldn't be enough to even scratch the surface. Time for some pride in ownership, Some responsibility, So drop the holier than thou attitude and actually make something of your self, Its not up to me to do it for you.

  • The right is right

    The right is right because they care about results and if it does good. The left cares it feels good and while they say they are going for equality their policys show the opposite. The left also throws out meaningless insults like calling those who argue against them racist when it is the left who are the racists. Take the fact that the left are the ones who promote Afermitive Action which makes it so standards for blacks in things like college standards are lowered for blacks. Then they create racial segregation like all Black dormitories and black graduations. The right judges people as individuals while the left treats people as groups. Capitalism is the only way to lift people out of poverty and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

  • Right wing are logical

    The right wing support facts and don't try to make rules for the feelings of others, Because they know it is not going to work. This is only one example of them (us) being more logical. We believe immigration should be done legally, And not just let everyone in. We also believe that logic, Facts and thought should go into decisions, Unlike the left-wing

  • Right wing supports facts

    I used to believe in the liberal agendas, and I used to be supportive towards the democrats. Now, that I've grown up and seen how the government is run and understand how to make a fair political stand that is meant to help all people; I had to change aisles and go to the right. The biggest political argument right now is country borders. I believe you need them to not only physically stay as a state instead of blank space of unconquered ground. However, towards the more economical and personal level, protecting our borders helps us keep dangerous people out of the country and allow a more stable economy within the state. I don't believe that immigrants should not come here - we are the greatest nation be alive in - and we should welcome people to come in. Immigration has been positive for a while up until now. We allow people to stay if they're not in trouble within other countries and are coming here to do nothing bad. That's all it should take, now when we can allow more immigrants we should allow more and make it more lenient, but when we're in a depression, I believe that we should keep to ourselves so the country can heal and not bring more people that are suffering. Two negative people do not make a positive. Another thing is I want perfect equality for all races and believe that affirmative action is not only a waste of money in most cases, but puts a positive racist stand on some topics, I think that it can benefit in a slight amount of cases, but overall is just creating a negative affect on society.
    I think we would benefit on just using numbers; if you're top 10% percent of your school you should be held to the same regard as your peers no matter if you're a different race. Speaking on a personal note; I have been very good throughout my public school system top 5% in my district, a not too good 29 on ACT, and great grades through my AP and special engineering STEM courses. My family was given a total FAFSA expected payment for school of 250 dollars. My friend who is a FEMALE and got a 25,000 FAFSA expected cost got more money from the government and school even though I had done better in every other aspect I still have to pay more then she has to. I think that is unfair and is oppressing other genders and suppresses other races.

    Now looking through a media outlet a lot of what left media comes out with seems more propaganda with choosing specific photos and snippets of quotes to push you to believe one thing. Right media seems to show all the evidence, usually a longer clip and then give an opinionated piece of what they're beliefs are and what type bills and ideas can be done to solve whatever the clip was talking about.

  • Left wing is more violent

    Through out the history, left wing government is less tolerant and violent to people not agreed with them. Even in the west country, left wing demonstrations are also more tend to violent. They are not reasoning while arguing with people but simply using the labels to those not agreed with them.

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