Is left wing (liberal) better than right wing (conservative) overall?

Asked by: Theunkown
  • Left Wing is a better and smarter argument

    The left wing is a better argument to have because it just has more sense, and I will prove it in 4 ways
    How can right wing hardcore conservatives yell at the President, saying he needs to build better roads. BUT if you don't provide any taxes or money that the government can use (The right wing view of lower taxes) then it is completely useless.
    The Deficit
    This leads me into my next argument, the deficit. Republicans are always talking about lowering the deficit that president Obama caused, so let me just throw out that fact that under a Republican President, like the 2nd Bush, we have spend more than 12 times as much money than any other country on our military. The Republican, or conservative basis for this stupid idea is that we need to protect ourselves from terrorists/criminals/ other belligerent countries. AND let me just throw out that now, under a Republican controlled congress, we are spending 10 times more than any other country on our already giant military. I believe that this needs to be reduced to at least 5% and we need to manage it better, like nuclear missile defense, instead of the Bush started war in Iraq.
    This gun problem has been going on for years. I just want to say that if America has a giant military to protect you from terrorists and other countries and a police force that is not the best, i do admit, but can stop SOME criminals, can't you just go through a background check to make sure that you aren't crazy, or a criminal yourself.
    I want to wrap it up with history because so many people screw this shit up. Democrats, or left wing liberals used to hate the government because they wanted slavery and the government sought to take it away. Republicans supported government.
    After the civil war and fast forward to JFK. Many Liberals believed that JFK was not going to be a good president because he was a catholic, when he was elected, a lot of them jumped ship and decided to become conservatives because of an even more liberal, pro civil rights and economic change Democratic party. The parties switched views and the conservative party is now the racist, sexist, free trade, biblical, gun supporting, military loving, abortion banning stupid ass party that is was never supposed to be. Now I am a 14 year old black kid from Washington D.C., I love God, and I would only allow abortions in a case of rape or incest. I chose the left because they care more about people instead of businesses. But I don't believe that the left is a good choice, it is just the lesser of two evils.

  • No point of arguing liberal IS much better

    In liberal govt there is no room for CORRUPTION or spoilt officials due to rule of law. TAXES are importan to create equilty rather than freedom freedom is present in liberal but to a limit govts should have programs like medicare and education to satisfy the poor preventing classes conflict.

  • Left wing better than right wing.

    Left wing is better because in left wing, the government cares about you. But in right wing, the government doesn't care about you. Also, the left wing government says environment is more important than business freedom, while right wing government opposes this. We can't like without the environment, but we can live without businesses. Therefore, left wing is better than right wing.

  • Left wing sucks.

    It might sound good but there isn't enough money. If you tax rich people and corporations high, then they cannot expand. How can you expand your business if you are being taxed like 90%? Or even 50%? If you can't expand, there will be fewer jobs (for both skilled and unskilled). Finding a job is hard today, DON'T MAKE IT HARDER! If more people are unemployed then there are more people who need welfare. That means government needs more money, so they print. When they print money inflation kicks in and the poor get even poorer. The prices may double, but their savings won't. We need to cut spending on both social stuff AND military so you don't spend the country into oblivion.

    People say "its a country, not a company". Well a company is careful with their spending in order to make profits and to not go bankrupt. A country just PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS AND DON'T GIVE A FLYING F*CK! (btw if you didn't know printing and borrowing is the same thing)

  • Right is better than left because

    The left tend to be more intolerant of opposing opinions and supported the KKK fund the KKK made the Confederates opposed the liberation of the slaves. But during the last 60 or so year the left has moved from the south to the north which gets very confusing. In basic principles the left is more likely to take risks and screw things up whereas the right is more careful.

  • Left wing is bad and unworking

    Left wings politics has proven many times that they cant work eg. Eastern Europe. Seemingly, it wasnt enough for some individuals. People supporting left wing are aggressive people with big words, but no deeds. Luckily, right wing politics dominate in the world and there are more people supporting it, so left wingers decided to take over internet discussions to compensate. Sad.

  • Right Wing better than left wing.

    Right wing is better because in right wing the government cares about you by teaching you important life lessons such as working hard pays off. But in left wing, the government doesn't care about you because all they do is spoil people. What happens when there is no longer a government? Whaddaya gonna do now?

    Also, the right wing government says business freedom is more important than environment. WTF do you mean by 'we can live without businesses'. Look around you mate! Everything is a business. The food you eat, clothes you wear, and shelter you live in is A BUSINESS. You also probably work for a BUSINESS. Without it, you'd be unemployed. What's that? You can grow food in the environment? Well, guess what? BUSINESSES make sure that everything is of good standard - even food. Is it expensive? Well, if the government had more right wingers, prices will drop massively.

    Therefore, right wing is better than left wing.

    How's that?

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