• Yes, to an extent.

    In our country people will never be able to agree on if it is all right or not. In the long run though some people really, honestly, do need that abortion and should have the right to do so. People are given freedom, so allow them to be free. It is their body. I think if one person keeps getting an abortion though then something needs to be done.

  • Yes, it is

    This country will never, ever be in complete agreement about this, but I'd argue yes. While I think people getting abortions simply because they don't feel like dealing with a mistake need to be restricted, there are times that it's the only feasible option. Birth defects caught well in advance that would give a child zero chance of a happy life, for example.

  • Necessity? No. How?

    Abortion is ruining our nation. Babies are killed before they have been born. Mothers are told that the best thing they can do is kill their children. They are praised for their heroic 'choice' and told good job, You have the right. But many, In fact most, Are left with regret or worse. What of the nightmares, The infertility, The pain, The possible infections or severe bleeding, Or death? What of the horrible death that has occurred. Is it necessary to kill our children because we think that it isn't the right time or there is no good home for them?
    Life is too important to throw away. What is necessary is that our government and its people, Us, Stand up for our real rights. Our rights to live, Safe and happy lives. Our rights as women to live whether we are mothers, Doctors, Lawyers, Or other. Our rights must be protected. But what false lie have we been blinded by that we want to take away the opportunity to influence the world by teaching our children to be great.
    Our control ladies, Is in our children. We are being deceived to kill our children, Which takes away the one thing that we can control. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
    What right do you really want ladies, To kill your baby or raise an influence in the world?

    Posted by: Joyc
  • It is a right! It is a necessity!

    I don't care what the woman's reasoning is, it is her body and her right. Stopping women from having safe and legal abortions only kills. If you ban abortions you will have the blood of the women who died from a backstreet abortion on you hands. Free abortions for all!

  • It's my body and I'll do what I want with it

    I hate how the government is telling us that we can't abort babies within our own wombs! I mean, if I ever have a kid, and say, it wasn't the gender I was hoping for, I wouldn't get an abortion. But if my kid had what my older brother would've had ( Missing a lung, all organs out of place) then I would get an abortion because I wouldn't want my kid to go through all that crap. I mean, who would want to live their life in and out of hospitals, possibly handicapped, or as the parent watching their kid suffer day and night? Bottom line is, we are individual beings with rights, and I believe we have the right to do what we want with our OWN bodies.

  • Yes it is

    It is a known historical and statistical fact that banning abortion leads to a higher rate of abortions. It also leads to more deaths of women. Seeing how banning abortion only leads to more deaths of unborn children and more deaths of women, why would anyone see banning abortion logical? It makes the problem worse. It doesn't matter if you think life starts at conception or not, banning abortion will not save any child's life. However it will lead to more unborn children being aborted, it will increase the number abused children, an increase of homicide, an increase in adolescence crime rates, and an increase in deaths among women. Where is the moral in this? What good does banning abortion do? Absolutely nothing.

  • Yes for sure

    Even some people who don't like or agree with abortion will agree with my stance on this. Abortion needs to stay legal for the sakes of bodily autonomy, rape, incest and diseased pregnancies and those that are going to kill a woman. She will die anyway in an alley mostly

  • There are too many mouths to feed on this planet already.

    When the planet's finite food resources are being spread thinner and thinner as the population grows, the last thing we want to do is to bring unwanted babies into the world.

    Regarding the morality of early term abortions we should remember that vast majority of men’s sperm and the vast majority of women’s eggs are discarded and do not result in the creation of an independent human life.

    In the final analysis, there's no difference moral difference between aborting an early term foetus, a lady refraining from having sex and letting nature take its course through the menstrual cycle or, indeed, and a gentleman using pornography and wrist action to “spill his kids”.

  • Yes, it is.

    Legal abortion is absolutely necessary in protecting the lives of women who find themselves pregnant. Making abortion illegal would not mean that women would not still get them, it would just mean that they would be performed in an unsafe environment. People who claim to be 'pro-life' need to realise the amount of women's lives that would be lost due to unsafe abortions.

  • Yes it is

    Abortions are important. Some people need them because they don't want the burden of a child. It isn't even murder because the fetus isn't human, its a group of developing tissue without a heart or any other qualities that make it human. It is just making life for the mother easier.

  • Abortion infringes on the right of THE BABY TO LIVE!

    Pro-abortion activists will tell you that the women should have the right to terminate he pregnancy but that is a load of crap! The baby should have the right to live a happy life, not be killed before it even starts. Liberals always talk about a "fair chance." Aborting a baby directly contradicts that!!! If the mom really cannot handle a baby, ADOPTION is always an option!

  • Abortion is absolutely not a "necessity." Life should be protected.

    In today's day and age, condoms and birth control aren't new inventions that people have never heard of. People should be responsible with sex, also known as, guess what, reproduction... Sex will always have the risk of conceiving a baby, and people who engage in sex should always be aware of that risk. See life as a beautiful gift, and if you cannot accept that gift, give him/her to someone who will love and cherish it. Adoption should always be an option, stopping a human heartbeat should not.

  • No it isn't

    Abortion "rights" are the "rights" of a woman to end the life of her child. Very rarely is an abortion ever needed for health reasons. Most agree the instance of this is below 5% of all abortions. In other words, most abortions are done for the selfish reasons of the mother. The "right" to kill doesn't exist. There are plenty of options to avoid pregnancy. If you engage in sexual activity, you should do so responsibly. If a child is conceived, even after precautions, well thats a risk you took. But it should not be legal to kill another human being simply because you are too selfish to raise it. Society has survived this long without legal abortions, it can survive without them. People need to be better educated in both how to avoid pregnancy, and also on how to take responsibility for their own actions. If you conceive a baby, it isn't your right to kill it just because you want an easy way out of your responsibilities.

  • Except for Health and Life, No

    It should remain legal. But that doesn't mean it's a necessity in our society. Women should of their own choice stop having abortions unless you need it for life or health and by health I mean serious health issues. Having to put up with medical conditions whose symptoms consist of bad feelings (and I'm not saying they're not real conditions just that they're not life-threatening, they're not the end of the world and will in all likelihood go away after you're done with the pregnancy) is NOT a good reason. I don't think abortion should be illegal, but one problem with it being legal is everyone who defends its legality thinks that to keep it legal they have to then also defend abortion itself. We need to start separating those two issues and be able to say at once: Abortion should be legal, women will get them anyways and women who make that choice still deserve to be able to do it safely and healthily, but unless you absolutely must get one to live or prevent severe health problems it is an irresponsible and selfish thing to do. One can always choose adoption.

  • It is morally wrong!

    Its your body and you can do anything to it. Then, For sure you are one of those who aren't disciplined enough to take care of the given blessing that God gave you. Is that your excuse to get a baby aborted? Its because you are simply liberated to do anything with your body but its a life we are talking about here. You were given the chance to live yet you won't give a chance to another human being because of the freedom you gained.

  • No, what about the rights of the infant human?

    The argument that is a women's body is stupid. The baby is a separate person to the women why does the infant human have no human rights. Abortion if the child will be disabled is fair. Economic or "I'm not ready" reasons then it's just plain old murder for your own benefit.

  • Even a child must live!_!

    Because,every living creature is supposed to live,even the mother of the child is living because she was not decided to be aborted by her parents or guardians that's why every people must live without even killed.Because the child is the future of our country.That's why we must let them be!!!!!

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