• It already is

    Prostitution is legal in Vegas and other parts of the world. In these places prostitutes are tested all the time, protection is always required, and it is a taxable business. I see no reason why we should not legitimize this business in order to put it in the light as much as possible.

  • The oldest profession on Earth

    Since it's widely held that prostitution is the oldest profession on Earth, why shouldn't it be taken seriously as a legitimate business if legalized? We should be pushing for smarter social laws when it comes to things like prostitution. It's the only good way to truly protect all involved, and keep everyone happy, healthy, and paying legitimate taxes!

  • Yes, so legalize it.

    It's only a legitimate business if you're a prostitute in a handful of rural Nevada counties -- and that's a problem. While I can understand the need to fight sexual slavery and human trafficking, there is no reason that enterprising individuals shouldn't be able to make a living on their backs, if they should wish. Legalize it!

  • When It's Legal

    I believe legal prostitution does function like a legitimate business. If a girl decides to offer these services she has to get her name (or brand) out there. Therefore, she has to market herself, much the same way a business would. She also has to enforce company policy when settling payments and declaring what is and is not acceptable. I believe there are girls out there who run it exactly like a business, because in the end, that's what it really is.

  • Yes prostituion is a legitimate business

    The only requirements of a legitimate business that will succeed is to have a product that a consumer wants, and that will sell. As long as your product is making money and you are seeing a positive revenue then you technically have a legitimate business. There are people who are more then willing to pay to have sex, and by working as a prostitute you are offering them a product that they are willing to pay money for.

  • Yes, it should be.

    How a person chooses to use their natural abilities should not be illegal. In areas where prostitution is allowed, it is heavily regulated and that works for the benefit of the prostitute as well as their customers. Criminalizing prostitution only ensures that criminals will get involved in the business end of the profession. Legitimize it, regulate it, and the criminal element will vanish.

  • No it is not.

    Legal prostitution is not a legitimate business because people can spread terrible diseases to one another and never even know. If it was legalized than we would probably end up with an even bigger out break of things like AIDS and HIV and have no way of curing it and that would be bad.

  • No it will never be.

    It is because the reason for having prostitution as a job is because of poverty and laziness of a female. I don't need statistica nor any quantitative or qualitative data that would support my argument but sometimes what lead things they are have always a reason and it is not an enough reason for a female or a male to sell their body just because of money and pleasure well in fact they are not born just for nothing but for something bringing along with them are their ethics and morality and if they can't to do so then they will suffer the consequence it's either having a disease or a lose of dignity especially having kids in the future where in those kind of children will slowly believe that money can buy a body.

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