• Yes, prostitution should be legalized.

    Yes, the legalization of prostitution is a good idea. This would take it out of the control of criminal organizations who exploit the women. The prostitution business could be better regulated, and taxes could be collected on the profits. This would also ensure better health standards and less disease associated with prostitution, as periodic health checks could be made mandatory.

  • Get the girls help

    The joke about prostitution being the oldest profession is not all that funny. There will always be demand for paid sex and those that provide it. With legalization, there can at least be protections and health care for the workers. It might even encourage more men who need stress release to partake in it instead of turning violent or acting out.

  • Legalizing prostitution would decrease the amount of tax payer dollars spent on detaining prostitutes for short periods of time following multiple arrests.

    Prostitution is a crime for which few go to prison. More often than not, prostitutes are arrested, book, charged and then released only to for the same thing to happen a again shortly thereafter. Such a circular pattern is an extreme waste of taxpayer dollars, especially when prostitution is essentially a victimless crime since those who engage it in do so on a mutually consenting basis.

  • Legalization of prostitution is not a good idea.

    Legalization of prostitution is not good for society. Prostitutes are mostly females, sought out by male Johns. It portrays woman as a commodity to be bought by men, to do with what they please. Sanctioning of prostitution by the government encourages gender stereotypes and the repression of women. It is not conducive to a healthy, modern society.

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