• Fuck you non-fans of Ninjago!Ninjago is Life!

    Ninjago is better than crazy,drunked,stupid turtles!Ninjago is the MOST EPIC,AWESOME show I had ever watched.The turtles are ugly,nasty,weird,and think they are funny but,they are LAME!!!So all you non-fans of Ninjago should open your eyes!You are watching a REALLY boring,stupid show!Even the internet says that Ninjago is better!And if you don't believe me then search it up on YOUTUBE!Ninjago can beat up the turtles' ass!Even the fans of Ninjago know that!Btw the turtles don't have an amazing personality like ninjas!So,yeah...Bye if you hate NINJAGO!Nobody wants you here!

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