Is Lego simply cashing in on its own sexism (yes) or really trying to right a wrong (no)?

  • They are Cashing In:

    "Female" Lego sets are not new. This myth combined with just throwing out three designed little figurines has got to be the worst thing ever to occur in the face of public farces. Not only that people are eating it up talking about expansions and righting wrongs when in reality female professionals (like police, etc. as seen commonly in the village sets of old) were not rare! Not only this but because of Lego's nature where you could connect and disconnect the pieces and rearrange them by taking off a male head and adding a female head you just created a female or male doctor as you saw fit, which also came out years ago, so it's just cashing in and using a child's viral letter to profit.

  • Lego Righting a wrong

    I beleive that the Lego company is really simply trying to right a wrong. They are putting female legos into none stereotypical gender based roles. This is encouraging to little girls as well as boys. The are trying to right a wrong because we shouldnt just think that females only sit at home and dont have careers. I think the Lego company can go one step further and make daddy legos.

  • No, they are expanding brand

    I think that Lego has realized that there was a huge market of people who would like to build but did not have products that were towards them. I have two girls and when they were little you could not find anything geared towards them, I think it is a smart idea and way to expand your brand.

  • Lego and Girls

    Lego has redefined their company recently, made it wildly fun and collectible. The success is due to marketing to all demographics including adult enthusiasts. The company's belief that little girls don't like to build was sexist but it seems everyone likes to build if the set finishes as a fun toy.

  • No,I think Lego is trying to really write a wrong here.

    No,I think Lego is trying to really write a wrong here. I think Lego is really trying to show diversity in their toys and overall product. I believe that it is really reaching out to females through toys with a wonderful message. I appreciate the new things its doing with their product.

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