• Yes, it is

    Simply put, LEGO, in addition to producing quality material that allows creativity in children, has a sterling reputation as a company. Child LEGO fans often become fans for life due to the increasingly complex models that are available, and due to the sheer fun of constructing things. As a fan of BIONICLE (where my name is based off of), LEGO has proven their ability to create a compelling story saga as well. Simply put, LEGO offers a universal product that appeals to everyone - male and female, young and old, Democrat and Republican.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Yes, without a doubt!

    Who doesn't love Lego? The variety of things that can be made is incredible and it has a wealth of minifigures that bring its colourful world to life. It is suitable for all ages and has branched out into countless themes and brands, each outfitted with their own wealth of sets. There is truly nothing like it; even the pathetic spin-offs of Lego have never captured its full essence!!

  • Lego is very fun

    Lego have the most rip off and is have lego book plus is good to play
    lego is so good you must vote yes no are bad you fucker yes yes yes
    lego so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good

  • Lego's are very fun

    They can help with children's imaginations. I want to be an engineer because of. Lego's are a fun toy speaking from experience. I'm a kid and Lego's are the number 1 toy for kids. Its a fact. Im serious. Im a kid so I know. Legos are very fun. Hi

  • I have the Death Star it was so much fun building

    Lego is one of the best toy companies I love building with Legos. If you had the Death Star you would agree but still even building any Legos is one thing I enjoy most.And all the people that agree are too with me. And I've grown up with Legos so I love them.

  • Best Toy Ever

    LEGO is literally the best toy ever. You can't get tired of Lego. They have one of the best quality looking a too. It's better than other toys you could think of. It is very famous too. It's the greatest toy of all time. Also it isn't just toys, they also made games, movies, books, of course their website, and other websites like Bricklinks, they have their amusement park Legoland, they have LEGO store, and more. Lego are everywhere. It's one of the most popular company in the world. The most popular toys in the world. It of course makes a lot of money. So Lego is the best toy in the world.

  • Best toy ever

    Legos are amazing. You can build anything with them. Best of all, you don't have to build what is on the box. You can make tons of creations. All other build block toys just copy Legos. They may look the same but believe me, Legos are better. All the time new movies and tv shows are coming. Lego makes sets out of some of those movies and shows. Lego even comes up with their themes all the time. All the people who don't like Legos don't know what it is to be creative.

  • Yes but my friend says Star Wars is the best but he doesn't understand.

    Lego is awesome,if it wasn't invented I would be lost in the world of toys.It appeared in 1956 and is still a big hit .Plus it is improving, from Lego mind storm to Lego fusion and lego technic and lego creator and lego City . It is just so cool and great!!

  • Lego is the best

    What other toy can you think of that let's you use your creativity to the maximum. And the best part is, they can be anything! Sure some companies make toy trains or cars or rockets or robots or dinosaurs or animals and all that, but think about being able to have any and all of those all with the same toy! That's what legos are like except they can be exactly how you like them. That's what makes legos awesome!

  • Yes it is!

    Lego is one of the longest-lasting toys ever invented and it's history goes a long way back. And minifigures have helped to boost lego's popularity! Compared to other cheap knock-offs which are made in China which fall apart the moment they are fixed, Lego stays together and is made by expert designers who put in effort to design these Lego sets. The fake Lego brands have tried to copy Lego in almost every way showing zero percent of creativity and zero reasons for people to buy it. Lego can be dismantled and rebuilt not restraining a buyer to only fixing what is given in the instructions and Lego is not like other toy brands which will be left in a corner to collect dust after being played with. Lego is a toy that people do not get bored with easily. Especially that it does not wear out easily.
    Lego also has different themes and works with other major companies like Lucasfilm, Disney and Marvel.

  • hello how are you today lego lovers?

    I do not think Lego is the worlds best toy company for many reasons first of all the parts of the toy they make are so small and it feels like your going to die if you step on it it could choke a kid and the instructions are hard to fallow if you are just free range with it its one thing but other than that its bad

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