• LGBTQ+ is Homosexuality and the Bible says it is wrong

    LGBTQ+ is homosexuality. Multiple times in the Bible we are told to flee from sexual immorality, And in the Old Testament, Extreme punishments were given for those who practiced homosexuality. The temptation itself is not a sin, The wrong part comes in when you choose to go along with the temptation. Bible verses showing homosexuality is wrong are Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, And 1 Timothy 1:10.

  • I don't hate gays,

    Let me make this real clear: I don't hate homosexuals, Bisexuals asexuals, All the other sexuals or transgenders. I just disagree with their sense of right and wrong. And either it's the world's biggest coincidence or the USA turned into a hellhole shortly after Barack Obama or the Supreme Court or whatever legalized gay marriage. I don't blame gays for this. I blame Obama.

  • Its homosexuality, Not the homosexual that is evil

    For the past few decades we have seen a ever growing trend to accept the practice of homosexuality. This however is a dangerous one. With the LGBTQ+ movement leading the charge, It wishes to re define the meaning of marriage, Family, Sex and the difference between man and womanhood.

    Firstly, With the subject of marriage. Within our Western culture, For centuries, Marriage has always been seen as an institution for a man and women to raise a family. To this day it is still the best way to raise children hands down. Now apart from a very few exceptions a same sex marriage can not provide that for obvious reasons.

    Upon the subject of sex, Gay sex can not be seen as moral as it does not allow the procreation of children. One cannot just separate procreation and pleasure as otherwise sex becomes meaningless and casual. The effects of the sexual revelation can be seen today, With the rise of STDs, Teenage pregnancy, Rise of abortions, Pornography, Sex trafficking and the list goes on. Moreover it is visible within LGBTQ+ organised Pride parades that sexual deviancy is promoted by a visible few, Which then increases the number of problems that I have already stated.

    However it must be understood that one should NEVER hate or hurt anyone who commits these acts of sexual disorder, As heterosexuals can be just as bad, But we should help correct each other with compassion.

  • Nothing is wrong nor right

    We live in a modern society were we consider things to be correct or incorrect. However, This modern system is biased towards many things. Whereas humans have adjusted to these things in a certain manner to determine the role of an object. For example; A tooth brush. It can be used for many different things, However most consider it to be used as a utensil to clean the inner caverns of our mouths. Moving towards this topic, Sexuality is but a biased thing in our modern society. To conclude, Nothing is correct or incorrect. It is just a manner of how we as a modern society consider things.

  • How do you know your gender and sex don't match?

    A person came to our school to do a presentation on the LGBTQ+. She explained that if a person doesn't feel that their gender matches the one they are assigned at birth, We can change our gender. But the thing is, How do you know that your gender and sex don't match? Is it simply that you want to be another sex, For example, You're a girl and you really want to be a boy.

  • People are people, Their choices are either net good or bad.

    There isn't any grey area where a person can openly throw out morality in one area so long as they pay it off in other areas. Each decision individually is tested against the limits of morality, And if you fall outside those limits you risk being burned. People know beforehand the consequences of choosing a deviant sexual relationship (they could choose any). It doesn't have to even be homosexual. The worst part of a homosexual relationship is that you bring another person down to your level … like using (drugs) with another person. In doing anything with them you empower them and make them feel like its normal and ok. Then that sentiment sticks with them like any addiction. Hell, People with addictions even think sometimes they were born that way, Predestined to use, As if they have nowhere else to turn. Its all just a denial to help justify to themselves what they are doing. The problems are self evident:
    1) Over emphasis on sexual pleasures … ones that can never amount to offspring as it was meant to (you can buck Darwinism if you don't like that). 2) you deprive yourself the true balance of having a hetero relationship. 3) You open yourself up to throwing out other good guidance from sources such as the bible, Just because it doesn't reflect the way you want to be. 4) You act against the idea that people are unique in that you have determined that there is no opposite sex partner for you. (prison stats clearly demonstrate that homosexuality is situational based … or worse that if people are born this way that they are also predisposed criminals) Predisposition for crime though might support what I said above in all the other points, Though im not saying that they have that at this point. 5) Exhibit selfishness in that they are willing to walk such a hard uphill battle against nature for their own sexual pleasure. Or the fact that they don't walk what they perceive to be an even harder line by following through with the morally right path that's been presented to them.

    Just all round its a very belittling practice. It doesn't buy any respect for the human race, It makes us look like animals. It demonstrates that we can't handle emotions or look past our basic instincts. Its primal and disgusting, As primal and disgusting as violence against innocents is. Everytime I see it it makes me lose faith in mankind. Worse yet seeing it propped up by a morally flawed society as if a social norm.

  • LGBTQ+ is spreading the wrong message

    Young children in elementary school are now being exposed to the LGBTQ community. This is dangerous, Manipulative, And damaging to our society.

    Children as young as 7 are claiming that they are trans, Gay, Lesbian, Etc. This is ridiculous. These children are far too young to know what gender they like or if they are in fact the opposite gender. A 7 year old should have no attraction whatsoever to another person in terms of a relationship, Serious or sexual. However, The LGBTQ community and their message spreading is enabling our youth to learn about these topics. When these children are influenced, They listen, As they are easily manipulated. This is turning people who may not be LGBTQ into members of the community. If we want a generation of delusional and wrongly influenced youth, Then yes, LGBTQ is great. However, That is not what we want, And the LGBTQ community stands in the way of a community that is born of free choice, Influencing children at such a young age.

  • But only the movement

    On their own the people in these groups aren't too bad but the movement is the problem.
    Most LGBTQ+ people just want to get on with their lives without worry.
    The LGBTQ+ movement however undermines that by trying to force society to submit to their ideology. The movement (which btw is made up mostly of non-LGBTQ+ people) attacks people for the most trivial of mistakes.
    Trans woman: how dare you call me sir I'm gonna have a mob beat you up and then have you arrested. Or something similar.

  • I don't hate them for their sexuality, Just their actions

    I don't hate anyone for their sexuality. They could be sexually attracted to trains for all I care, Honestly. I'm a Christian and I believe Love Is Love. That being said, The LGBTQABCDEFG community has gotten out of hand, Especially within these past couple of years. They are primarily responsible for "cancel culture" a situation that affects even small people just scrounging for money as artists and such. They are obsessed with only pushing their agenda. . . Their morals. It sucks. I had a Christian friend who literally stopped accepting herself as an LGBT individual because of how they treated our religion.

  • My rights are gendergay

    It's wrong to deny me my LGBTQ rights. Gender bigots have gender hatred, Which means that I can't express my rights. I need to express myself through sex, And I'm not going to let Trump fukcs tell me I can't. My rights are gendergay, And your rights are pathetic. People are trying to ignore my rights to genderqueer sex. They other me, And instead talk about less important issues like the environment and poverty. What use is not being hungry if LGBT folk aren't validated?

    I demand my gay rights, And people are just going to have to get used to other issues like low wages and climate change until my rights to sex are validated. Because genderqueer validation is the future.

  • No being LGBTQIA+ is not wrong

    Lets divide this into three parts.

    Those who feel same-sex attraction/love -
    No one can choose who they love or like, And so for their feelings the cannot be held accountable for a wrong deed. And love is love, Attraction is attraction, Its all equal, Regardless of who its towards.

    Those who are transgender or non-binary -
    Have a medical condtion called gender dysphoria that makes them feel like their body and pronouns are incorrect ones, So sometimes the adjust to feel better. This helps them be happy and fufilled - a way to cope with their conidtion, Which is never wrong as it harms none.

    Intersex people - A biological condition where one is born with charasterics of both sexes. A way you are born, Not something you can control, So not wrong.

    Asexual/Aromantic People - People who cannot feel attraction and/or romantic love towards others. A way you are born, And not wrong at all.

  • I can't understand why this is 50/50

    I'm not going to say much on this argument because to be quite honest I don't have the energy to go over the things I've said to many a homophobe, But seriously, I don't see what the issue is with the LGBTQ+ community? If you don't agree with it, That's your opinion and up to you and no one else to decide, I get that and I'm not going to try and change your mind. But how does that give you the right to decide whether someone else's sexuality is 'wrong'? Oh yeah, It doesn't.
    I'll finish this off with a quote I saw:
    "Straight marriage and gay marriage are like bras and bikini tops - both exactly the same thing, But only one is socially acceptable. "
    I couldn't have put it better myself.

  • Are we still talking about this

    Ok, I admit the Bible has some condemnation of gays, BUT the Bible is not the universal code. You choose to follow it, And you can't force others to, And the MORE IMPORTANT part of that scripture is that you have to be nice and treat your neighbor like you treat yourself.

  • People should be allowed to be whoever or whatever they want.

    You can't control what people feel- if they are lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or identify as another sexuality than that is what they are, No question. If someone told you that you couldn't be straight you would be outraged, So why is it different when you're telling people they can't be LGBTQ+? The Bible, In this sense, Is outdated. People are what they are and you just have to accept that.

  • It doesnt matter

    Let people do whatever they want. This is how the world works now. Being a homophobe is as bad as being racist. Not everyone believes in your f***ing religion so stop forcing them to believe what you believe in. It doesnt even affect you. If you have a problem with your kids being gay then, Don't have kids. This is how the world works now

  • Let people do whatever the heck they want, It doesn't affect you.

    Let people do whatever the heck they want, If individuals want be LGBTQ+ movement is simply trying to get people to becoming accepting. Individuals deserve legal rights just as a heterosexual would. If you're going to bring the bible bs into this, Then you bring religion directly into politics. . . Doesn't it say somewhere in my constitution there is "a separation of church and state? ".

  • Is LGBTQ+ wrong?

    No. Why would LGBTQ+ be wrong? Why is it wrong to have a certain sexual alignment if you do have the same criticisms when being heterosexual? Why should a person receive punishment or negativity that they did not choose. If you were to argue that people do choose their sexuality, Then still, Why is this wrong of them? Or is it simply that people wish to abuse those they do not agree with?

    Do what you want, Be attracted to who you want, Just don't force me to do the same.

  • No it isn't.

    Love is love. You cannot tell someone who they can and can't love. People don't realize that sexuality isn't something that is controllable or chosen by the person. It has to do with an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Just like depression or other disorders, And no I'm not saying that homosexuality is a disorder. Depression is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in your brain, Where there is a significant lack of dopamine (also known as the "Happy Hormone") being produced in the brain.

    Love and accept people for who they are!

  • I ate a dog, Here's why

    I didn't eat a dog. (Or did I? )
    The bible said nothing about Jesus wanting to burn alive all gays, Last time I checked he just didn't like people lying, Killing others, And not being nice to each other. I don't even believe in Jesus or any "God", But I do in fact know that Jesus did not say to burn all gays. . Do you really think that would pop up in his head whilst he was writing down some random thoughts on a piece of paper witch is now called the "Bible"? Yeah I wouldn't think so. . I'm not gay, I don't think being gay is good or bad it's just GAY (I'm on the NO side because the yes side is mostly talking about burning alive gays and stuff so yeah, And I disagree with burning alive humans)

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