Is liberal criticism of Sean Hannity accurate (yes) or inaccurate (no)?

  • Hannity support of Trump is anti- journalistic

    Ignores any evidence that is injurious to Trump to the point of inviting ridicule. Seemingly indifferent to the suffering of iindividuals who have been maligned or mis.Treated by Trump. Further uninterested in any sort of investigative journalism that leads to any unacceptable conclusion. He reminds me of a college football supporter who is so blinkered in support of his team that he dams all opposition and those trying to apply the rules of th3 game.

  • Yes,liberal criticism of Sean Hannity is accurate.

    Yes,liberal criticism of Sean Hannity is accurate.Sean Hannity just chooses to spout off his conservative opinions without any evidence to back it up.He rarely chooses to offer any productive analysis of the topics he is discussing.he just chooses to offer personal attacks which contribute nothing to the argument he is trying to support.

  • Sean Hannity Is Biased

    I believe most criticism directed at Sean Hannity (rather it be liberal or not) is accurate. I believe this criticism is directly linked to the bias we see in news reporting currently and is the result of changes made both in the media, as well as changes in government law.

  • Yes cause he is not liberal

    Of course the liberals are going to go after a man that is a strong conservative and is all over the radio and television. It is their duty to try to bring him down so he is not able to get his message out effectively. This is the beauty of the US.

  • Sean Hannity Entertains, Not Reports

    Liberals can complain about Sean Hannity all they want to because Fox "news" commonly is the listed as the most inaccurate cable news show on the planet. Hannity isn't a reporter, he's an entertainer just like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck. The difficulty is that politicians can't get involved in the fight because Hannity, like Rush Limbaugh, is just there to get ratings for bigger commercial buys.

  • A liar and a fraud

    Sean Hannity is a loudmouth braggart who encourages division and hatred on both sides. Say what you will of liberals, but Hannity is the worst of the worst and the sort of gossip and fearmongering he participates in should not be the mainstream on cable television news. We need real balance and less attacks.

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