• Modern so called liberalism is

    Modern liberals assume government has godlike powers who such as omniscience, omnipotence, etc much the same way traditionalists assume their deities do. Thus the starting point for a liberal is to idealize how government should engineer society as they cannot distinguish between political intent and effect. They thus do not believe in economic law. For society to advance it need to fight against this naive idealism.

  • Is liberalism a disease ?

    I was just looking this up on Google, I always thought it was a curable mental disease but recently heard someone say it was an idea of a few unstable people that just lack common sense and knowledge in general, which, to me sounds like that could also be cured.

  • Liberalism is deadly disease

    People who constantly believe in myths without questioning them are not only fools, they are dangerous fools. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said 'Liberals seem to know so much, that simply isn't so'
    Their entire political philosophy is based on either envy or misinformation. Just take a look at some of the counter-arguments. Many of them stating that 'liberalism is the antithesis of authority' This statement is utterly warped and misleading. For Liberals to enact policy require a larger government. Larger governments by definition need larger control. Larger control = authority. This is why Leftism slipped so well into the liberal fold. Some of the most appalling abuses of freedom have been committed by those stating they want to pursue freedom. Look at ANTIFA They are the very thing they claim to be against - FASCISTS
    The liberal can only present an argument from an emotive and highly subjective standpoint. They know that any issue or point they ultimately raise will not stand up to scrutiny using logic and reason. They use emotional blackmail to forward their agenda. When that doesn't succeed then they will ostracise, smear and then turn violent.
    We have seen this time and time again.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Half Brain Survivors

    It's a failure for the logical side of the brain to develop leaving only the emotional, non-rational thoughts to survive. It's as though they stopped progressing past the age of 15. The ugly result is that they are too easily led by others who only wish to use them as ignorant tools.

  • I believe liberalism is a disease

    That fact that these people believe that they have the right to take what other's have worked for and funnel it into shitty social programs that benefit no good gang members and criminals and people who cant work and retards just amazes me, these people don't benefit society at all, actually they're a burden, but we're suppose to take care of these animals because it's our duty. Let them rot

  • Liberals Go to Cuba, Now!

    All the Liberals I know are rich hypocritical idiots who espouse Socialism because they feel "White guilt." They only interact with morons like themselves & support violent Black Lives Matter thugs because they're afraid to see Reality. Their Messiah Obama tried to transform the world's super-power into a Socialist mecca willing to deal with Muslim terrorists than Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.
    America will be hopelessly divided until Liberals like Obama, Hillary & Pelosi grow new spines & brains.

  • Absolutely it is a disease

    Look no further than Maxine Waters, Nancy Pilosi, and Charles Schumer. They epitomize hipocracy. I believe their constituents keep sending them to Congress to punish the rest of the country with whom they have disagreements. What else would explain the complete lunacy of the arguments you get from the left. They pretend (sometimes very well) to care about people. The historical facts show a different story. Liberals inevitably take a bad situation and make it worse. It's truly sad. Throw in a few useful idiots who will nod their heads at anything and you have the Democratic party.

  • Nancy Pelosi Retains House Minority Leadership.

    Nancy Pelosi ; "you got to pass a Law so you can find out what's in it".. Coments like that, challenge the clarity of the power of thought that goes into the analogy of Driving down a two lane road with your foot on the gas, hands off the wheel, & your eyes sealed to the rear view mirror!

  • Liberalism is a disease

    I used to be liberal before the internet when we only had TV and a few newspaper,s it was easier for them to brainwash us then. Now I read more how liberal countries like Sweden etc being destroyed by liberal politicians policies, and open border,s. 1 in 4 Swedish women are being raped by Muslim men and liberal,s want more in. Find it sick to be honest.

  • Liberalism IS a disease

    Human beings are animals, intelligent, speaking, opinion forming animals, but, nonetheless, animals. Being that we live in the animal kingdom we are of the conscious and subconscious notion that we must survive, at all costs. It is our basic conditioning as animals and as humans.

    In the animal kingdom, you do not see lions picketing because one lion in the pride got to eat more of the gazelle than other lions did, no, you see these lions taking care of themselves, making sure they get enough to eat, if not, they simply go and find another gazelle.

    The liberal mindset is a mindset of victimization and jealousy. Liberals are not capable of taking care of themselves in any meaningful way, they are not capable of defending themselves out of fear that by taking care of themselves, they will offend or injure someone else. Therefore, they believe that there should be a system put in place to protect them from their own shortcomings, a government that provides food, shelter, healthcare, condoms, abortions, public education and various other handouts. Liberals feel entitled to these handouts, their argument is that society is unfair to them, that they are special because they don't believe in competition. They believe that competition holds society back. Naturally, since they are non competitive and generally lazy, the feel that it is the duty of those who do go out into the world to compete to compensate for their lack of effort to survive. Survival is a very basic thing, and liberals have basically all but given up. They want to piggy back off of those who not only survive, but thrive.

    One doesn't need to possess any special training, degrees, certifications, education, etc to ascertain that the very idea that liberals count on everyone else to survive, feel entitled to it, that they have literally foregone their own very survival, which, could be classified as suicidal. Suicide, the desire to end one's own life, is a mental disorder, period.

  • Anyone that says that Liberalism is a disease

    Has absolutely no idea what the word actually means, and provides an excellent argument on why we need to legalize abortion ASAP. Liberalism is not a disease, it's a concept. And because I never read a book about it I actually don't have a full understanding of what the word means either. You could say that I am either ignorant on this matter or simply uneducated.

    So, tell me, what's the logical and mature thing for me to do? To resort to saying that 'Liberalism is a disease!' Like in an obnoxious tone of voice because some guy on a T.V said it, or should I actually have some accountability for what I say and bother looking up what something actually means before I spread misinformation like a mouthy teenager would spread gossip?

    You know what, I have a funny feeling that maybe, just maybe, that the more rational option is not screeching like a petulant child. Okay then, time to look up some definitions.

    1. The quality or state of being liberal, as in behavior or attitude.

    What exactly is so horrible about being liberal? Philosophically it's about individual freedom, corporate responsibility, and helping other people. Sure, some liberals are obnoxious, but isn't it incredibly unfair to make the occasional bad person the standard for what we consider all people to be? Imagine if I judged every conservative based solely around what I thought of Rick Perry, Ron Paul, that rich guy who put a dog on his roof, that guy who shouts at people at the top of his lungs, or that 'pinhead' with glasses who was somehow elected vice president.

    2. A political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties.

    Gee whiz, that sounds a lot like something that a gigantic lady wielding a torch would represent. What was her name again? The statue of liberalism? And more importantly, is she blue because she's sick with that disease?

    'b. Often Liberalism The tenets or policies of a Liberal party.'

    So, basically Liberalism just means being liberal. You know, I figured that it meant something like that, but I guess it makes me only wiser to actually bother to reading this up. Liberalism is not a disease, it's just a political ideal. If anything is a disease, it's dishonesty, misinformation, and stupidity.

    Please remember to make sure to neuter and spay your empty-headed relatives. A clear sign that they may not have a functioning brain is if they resort to blurting out tired and cliche'd slogans. And please, make sure that they never, ever have kids.

  • Doctor said no


  • Without liberalism, there is just rampant authority.

    Liberalism is the antithesis to authority, and as such, keeps authority in check. When we treat liberalism as a disease, we breed a totalitarian government that instead of being run, or at least kept in check by the people, is instead oppressing the people in all its might.

    Tsardom is what happens when there is no liberalism. Monarchies are what happens when there is no liberalism. Fascism is what happens when there is no liberalism. When there is liberalism however... We have democracy. Democracy is what pushes society forward, because in democracy, the people can keep the government in check, and in a democracy, oppression by the government can be stopped by the people!

  • Anyone who thinks 'liberalism' is a disease needs mental help.

    A political party is not a living organism that lives inside ones body. The people who think other peoples beliefs are a mental illness are projecting. This meme spread because of a conservative book written by someone with no degree in medicine. Anyone who actually thinks an opposing view is a mental illness should seek a therapist.

  • Of course not

    Far right want a Christian theocracy that benefits only the rich. Far left want a completely secular and socially/economically equal autocracy. Personally, I pick the position slightly before an autocracy prioritizing equality: Democratic socialism. Conservative nutjobs need to chill. We liberals can be just as opinionated as you. Bernie 2016!

  • Liberalism is no disease

    Liberalism means different things in different contexts. In some senses, it means capitalism, in other senses, it means some sort of social democracy. No varients of it are a "disease" which is very useless rhetoric. It's simply a political position and mode of looking at the economy and society, that is all.

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