Is liberalism more virtuous and morally responsible than conservatism?

  • Yes, liberalism is more virtuous and morally responsible than conservatism.

    Liberalism is constantly on the hunt for equality for all people. The most obvious place where this is observed is equal rights for gays and lesbians. It is a civil rights issue that is perpetrated as a religious issue. Convervatism does wish for equal rights for this citizen's, making them very immoral.

  • Every system you conservatives follow was created by a liberal

    In time there is not one system in the world that will not become outdated and need to be reformed. Political Systems are made to evolve as people evolve and liberal's are the ones trying to make that happen, when you conservatives sit down and say no. Liberal is more virtuous and morally responsible because people have changed since the creation of the law, so we attempt to make the law change with it

  • Jesus was liberal

    He said to love and not to judge. Last time i checked conservatives were the one judging homosexuals and young women were the reactionary/conservative Christians passing laws to ogress them. The only thing Jesus did with the government was be arrested and killed by them. Like most liberals he goes beyond the government, and directly to people and accepts them.

  • Yes, I do believe liberalism has better ideals than conservatism.

    I don't understand why conservatives think it's okay to enforce outdated, bigoted, religious beliefs on a society without an "official religion." Why is gay marriage an issue? Because the conservatives won't recognize the separation of church and state. Conservatives like that don't have the peoples' best interest in mind. They are far too concerned about their own agenda, and what will put more money into their pockets. It's like they have no idea what the average American really wants.

  • GOP Out of Touch With Ordinary Americans

    The Republicans are out of touch with ordinary Americans. They don't care about the poor, line the pockets of the rich and bail out big corporations. No one bailed out Main Street under the Bush Administration. Democrats are more concerned with ordinary people, the middle class and giving lower classes more money to spend in this consumer-based society.

  • Yes, Conservatives Have All Their Priorities Screwed Up

    Conservatives want the government to intervene in people's personal business but cry "Socialism!" any time the government intervenes in economic things. They think our society should be more concerned about what people do in bed, or remove or put in their bodies than about income inequality, poverty, and access to healthcare. They argue that these things require taxes to pay for and that "taxes is theft" yet they support a giant military budget to pay for wars and operations many Americans disagree with, and tend to be OK with or at least less upset about massive corporate subsidies compared to welfare and social spending. Never mind the fact that as a result conservatives in power wind up spending more money and we can't borrow forever so at some point this will mean raising taxes on the poor and middle class in order to be 'fair' to the rich people because they think they pay too much in taxes.

  • There is nothing responsible about liberalism

    Liberals believe in progressive ideas that destroy the traditions this country was founded on. Their beliefs directly contradict the bible, the most moral doctrine there is. How can going against the word of the lord quality as morally virtuous? There is simply nothing responsible about liberalism, they have irresponsible social and economic ideas.

  • No, liberals have all their priorities screwed up.

    Liberals want the government to intervene in business, but cry "Oppression!" any time the government intervenes in social things. They think our society should be more concerned about business than what people put into their bodies. They argue that everything they're opposed to is the government interfering in the private lives of citizens, but they support the government regulating the heck out of industry.

  • Different Means of Achieving the Same Ends

    I believe that both liberals and conservatives want a successful and happy society. They both want as many people as possible to live good lives. They simply have different ideas of how it is possible to achieve this. Obviously I'll have to make some generalizations here. But in general, I'd say that conservatives support laws that enforce morality. They believe that limited government involvement in the economy will lead to a system that balances itself (equilibrium) through supply and demand and therefore allows people equal chances to succeed and lead fulfilling lives. As for liberals, I'd say that they general

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