• This Question has a Very Obvious Answer

    Extremist Statism has caused some of the greatest evils this world has ever known. It enforces a patronizing government that strips away people's rights. Libertarianism however, ensures that the country's people are 100% free and don't have to worry about "Big Brother" watching over their every move. As a Libertarian, I can confidently say that a Laissez-faire economy and a non-aggression policy (Yes, abortions are blatant aggression) is a true Utopia in a political sense.

  • That's a no-brainer

    When you have a centralized government having complete control of the market, trying to decide MILLIONS of prices and plan such a complex economy on their own, you get failure. It's more preferable to let the free market set the prices, and let the free market employ the people, because when you have the government employing everyone, where is the revenue coming from? Complete Libertarianism and Complete Stateism are both very extreme, but I would rather have complete freedom than complete tyranny.

  • Yes, it is preferable

    Of course, that begs the question as to whether you have to choose between one or the other, which will never be the case. Both have their drawbacks, but statism is a horrible existence, that I doubt few who favor such a situation have ever pondered the matter. I doubt that anyone would really want tyranny opposed to freedom, which the choice of statism offers.

  • Yes, Too Much Centralized Control is Bad

    Our country should be encouraging individual responsibility and instead our people have become trained to depend on a 'parent', which is our government, to dole out prizes and punishments simply because we exist. If we're going to thrive as a country, we have to work to snatch back as much of that authority as possible and learn to truly develop the talent and resources needed to live independently.

  • No, libertarianism is not preferable to statism in our current society.

    It is an over simplified ideal that would be difficult to uphold. Our society is large, and too many different groups of people with different social contracts interacting without borders is too difficult to control. A central government is needed to establish the social contract in a way that can be easily agreed upon and delivered to the large population.

  • Libertarianism is impractical in a large society, and not preferable to statism.

    Libertarianism is not preferable to statism, because it is only effective in a society where each individual agrees on total self-reliance, and is both willing and able to be completely responsible for themselves. In any large society, some level of statism is required to create and enforce rules of behavior, and to prevent the strong from taking advantage of the weak.

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