Is Libertarianism Right Wing (Yes) or Left Wing (No)

Asked by: Heraclitus
  • We are right.

    This really isn't a debate or an opinion. We believe that there should be less government which politically puts on on the side of the right wing. We share some of the same social opinions of many left wing liberals but for different reasons. I don't even think it would be fair to say that we are moderate, we are clear right wingers.

  • You can't support smaller government and be left.

    I support maximum amount of freedom for INDIVUALS! Libertarianism means individual liberty. That can only mean less government, not more. It doesn't give you the liberty to have more government or more power over other INDIVUALS. It gives you the liberty to do what you want to do, so long as you allow me to do as I want to do. With as little interference from government as possible.

  • Liberal is to Liberality as Libertarian is to Liberty

    The word liberal is associated with the term liberality, while the word libertarian is associated with the term liberty. Therein lies the difference in the two. Liberality is the quality of giving or spending freely (usually of other peoples money). Liberty is the condition of being free from restriction or control (of heavy government influence). The liberality of the Liberals is to the Left, while the desire for Liberty of the Libertarians is to the Right. Left and Right is not so much a straight line from East to West as it is 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

  • Only Right Wing

    Libertarianism is only right wing as it advocates for as little government as possible in both the economic and social sense. One does not have to be progressive to be a libertarian, you just have to believe in little to no government control over peoples lives in any sense, making it right wing.

  • In ideology maybe not...... However in practice definitely

    While one could argue that the libertarian ideology is in nature left leaning (I'm not saying its what I believe however you could make that argument) in practice it couldn't be further from the left. While it argues in favor of individual liberties, the policies made by its politicians are seldom made with the average man in mind. Infact the only liberties which its politicians seem to be concerned with are the liberties of major businesses and firms. They continuously argue in favor of policies which benefit no one but major corporations, they support gun manufacturers and continue to deny global warming in order to benefit non environmentally friendly businesses such as oil producers. They encourage tax breaks for the rich which only goes to prove the top 1% has them in their pockets. And worst of all there are those who argue their policies favor the common man. How can this be true considering that they are strongly against government spending. Government spending is what is used to invest in infrastructure, health, and education: things which only go to benefit the lives of common men.

  • Libertarianism is Leftist!

    Libertarianism means the decrease in the presence / strength / influence of the government. If you inch two or three more inches to the left you would hit Communism and Anarchism. Libertarianism is all about the people. However, most Libertarians in the American political system nowadays seem to involve themselves in the Republican Conventions and Presidential Debates, and seem to have some mutual beliefs. So it's hard to say.

    However the idea itself is quite leftist in its nature.

  • Libertarianism is historically left

    American Libertarianism is right wing and distorts the history of libertarianism by corrupting "freedom" to mean freedom to be oppressed. It has always been anti-capitalist and antigovernment, and people taunt it in America as being right wing but even people such as Ayn Rand understood that it was left wing. The fun person that these people cling, Ayn called libertarianism the biggest threat to capitalism, freedom, and both social liberalism and social traditionalism. Look at historical libertarians like Thomas Paine, inspired by socialist, liberals, anarchists, feminists, and progressives. It's a right wing thing in America but everywhere else throughout history it's been left wing.

  • Depends on what you mean by Libertarianism

    Most people who call themselves libertarians are radical capitalists with some liberal and some conservative views however true libertarians are the left libertarians where the term was first used in a political sense because only they stand up for liberty and freedom and not only in theory while right libertarians claim to stand for liberty but really their ideas would create economic exploitation and chaos due to the inability if anyone to stop the rich completely decimating the poor.

  • Nowhere else to click

    Libertarianism is not left or right. Its at the bottom of the quad-scale. The opposite of libertarianism is authoritarianism (at top). There are libertarian socialists (bottom-left) and capito-libertarians (American-style - bottom-right). There are also communists (top-left) and fascists (top-right). Many websites use the quad now to define political parties in different countries. The US democrats are centre-right, US republicans further right. Republicans are higher up on the centre line, but just a bit above the democrats.

  • Libertarianism isn't necessarily either.

    Libertarians are both socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Left-wing and Right-wing politics are presented as being opposed, with one taking the liberal stance on issues and the other conservative. Any individual or group may have a different stance concerning different issues, as do Libertarians whether it's concerning fiscal or social matters.

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Pfalcon1318 says2015-04-16T19:07:34.827
The only real point of disagreement between left and right libertarians is their position on economics, in particular, the extent to which ownership of natural resources can be legitimized. Just about everything else is more or less agreed upon.
Heraclitus says2015-04-16T21:47:11.120
Left-Libertarianism is an Oxymoron.
Nuzlocke4 says2015-04-16T22:42:02.567
This is a silly question because there are right-wing libertarians and left-wing libertarians. Just like there are right-wing authoritarians and left-wing authoritarians.
Heraclitus says2015-04-17T09:34:44.013
I don't think libertarian should be used to describe someone who wants the state to run everything and redistribute peoples' money unvoluntary. You cannot be Collectivist and support individual liberty. Capitalism is the economy in the absense of the government in igs most extreme form amd is the economic aspect of freedom.
Heraclitus says2015-04-17T09:34:47.687
I don't think libertarian should be used to describe someone who wants the state to run everything and redistribute peoples' money unvoluntary. You cannot be Collectivist and support individual liberty. Capitalism is the economy in the absense of the government in its most extreme form amd is the economic aspect of freedom.