Is Libertarianism the most dominant intellectual strand on DDO?

Asked by: Tophatdoc
  • Libertarianism is growing stronger day by day

    Libertarianism is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Libertarians are becoming more popular as others decline. There are many people who agree with Libertarian economists. I think of economists like Rothbard, Woods, Sowell, and Friedman.When I think of devout Libertarian politicians, I think of Ron Paul, Justin Amash, Gary Johnson, and Rand Paul. Personally, I don't subscribe to Libertarianism wholly but I agree with many of the core elements espoused. But respect needs to be given.

  • Yes it is

    I think that Crowdsource would have done better to have spelled out DDO as opposed to abbreviating it because their are many different DDO possibilities but if it is talking about the DDO that I think it is then yes it is by far the most dominant in that context.

  • Libertarianism has always been strong.

    Libertarianism has always been popular with individuals and it is very much an intellectuals position in many cases. The problem is, it is not a supported or encouraged platform with the main stream media and is therefore downplayed or made to sound extreme. Competing interest with progressive politics does not allow healthy competition. I like that you used Milton Friedman as your image. For those of you who are not aware of him, check him out in this short video. Chances are you will love him...


  • How Many Libertarian Voters Are There? Http://www.Cato.Org/blog/how-many-libertarian-voters-are-there

    This question is about whether “Libertarianism is the most dominant intellectual strand on DDO?”

    We will have to assume that those who would vote for the Libertarian party believe it is the most dominant intellectual party.

    Since I am pretty sure Tophatdoc is very conservative, I will use the most conservative Think Tank in the World – “Cato Institute, which has a Libertarian political affiliation for my data.

    This is from the “How Many Libertarian Voters Are There?” written by David Boaz who works at the Cato Institute.

    “In our new study, David Kirby and I round up various estimates on the number of libertarian-leaning voters. Our own calculation, 14 percent, is actually the lowest estimate.”

    “Libertarians say they're the third largest political party”

    "The Libertarian Party is the third-largest organized political party in the United States and has seen tremendous growth over the last two years as many Democrats and Republicans have become disenchanted with their respective parties." (The article was written by Karl Dickey who serves on the Libertarian Party of Florida’s executive committee and represents Broward, Palm Beach and Hendry counties.) We found a similar claim on the Libertarian Party of Broward website that the party is "the third-largest political party in the U.S."

    “We wanted to explore the numbers and the power of the Libertarian Party. Is it the third-largest party in the country?”

    “We’ve looked at the numbers of Libertarians in the past. But as Sen. Rand Paul -- a Kentucky Republican with a libertarian outlook -- makes headlines as a potential 2016 presidential contender, it seemed like a good time to revisit the numbers.”

    “Counting libertarians”

    “Libertarian activists and political scientists we contacted suggested the same source: Richard Winger, a Libertarian in California and editor of a monthly newsletter, Ballot Access News, which includes data on party registration that Winger researches.”

    “His December issue showed there were 325,807 registered Libertarians nationwide. (About half the states tally Libertarians, Winger’s data shows.)”

    “The number of registered Libertarians was higher than other national third parties including the Green, Constitution or Reform parties.”

    “But with Democrats’ registration at 43.5 million and Republicans at 41.3 million according to Winger’s data, that puts any third-place finisher trailing way behind.”

  • Statistically it might be so, but there are so many definitions it is hard to know if we all mean the same thing.

    Statistically it might be so, but there are so many definitions it is hard to know if we all mean the same thing. For me it is about freedom of individual choice WITH A STRONG DOSE OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. I would say my type of libertarian is against unnecessary laws, but for capitol punishment. My type if libertarian is for less welfare, less prisons, less rules, and more individual responsibility to work and make your own way.

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GWL-CPA says2013-12-29T21:06:53.993
Tophatdoc, here are the facts:

And, the assumption is that if you choose the Libertarian ideology, you must believe that Libertarianism is the most dominant intellectual stand at DDO. There is no other way to interpret the results per DDO demographics. Maybe you think DDO is lying?


If you go to the above link, you will find a breakdown of DDO members by Ideology.

Only 10% of the DDO members endorse the Libertarian Ideology.

The Members by Ideology bar graph has the following:

Undecided is 13%
Apathetic is 2%
Anarchist is 4%
Communist is 3%
Socialist is 5%
Green is 2%
Labor is 1%
Liberal is 16%
Progressive is 6%
Moderate is 9%
Conservative is 17%, and
Libertarian is 10%

If you add all those up you get 88%, which means that 12% of the DDO members did not state any affiliation.

If you take out the 13% for undecided, you have 65% of the members are not Libertarian.

Even if you give the Conservative percentage of 17% to the Libertarians, you have 27% for Libertarians and 48% that are not Libertarian. But, you can’t assume that all those who are conservative support Libertarianism in any way.

Even if you give the Libertarians the 13% who did not state an Ideology plus the Conservative 17%, you have 40% (i.E., 13% plus 17% plus 10%) Libertarian versus 48% who are not. But, you can’t assume that those 13% who did not state an ideology or the Conservative 17% endorse Libertarianism in any way.

Bottom line, Libertarianism is not the most dominant intellectual stand or strand (?) on DDO.

Get over yourself Tophatdoc.
GWL-CPA says2013-12-30T03:39:18.833
Tophatdoc still thinks he won this and that his misguided opinion that Libertarianism is the most dominant intellectual strand on DDO is right.

You can lead a horse or donkey to water, but you can't make them drink.

Anyone who thinks Libertarians are intelligent or dominate this site is is not dealing with a full deck.

Here is Tophatdoc question:

“Is Libertarianism the most dominant intellectual strand on DDO?”

The picture he uses is that of Milton Friedman. Libertarians like to falsely claim that Milton Friedman was a staunch Libertarian, but he was not. He was a member of the U.S. Republican Party. The fact that many of Friedman views are held by Libertarians does not make Friedman a Libertarian.

His question is about the intellectual stand at DDO, I assume DDO members.

But his post is not talking about DDO members or citing members at DDO. He goes on to talk about economists like Rothbard, Woods, Sowell, and Friedman, all of whom are not members of DDO. Then he talks about Libertarian politicians like Ron Paul, Justin Amash, Gary Johnson, and Rand Paul, all of whom are also not members at DDO.

His main premise is “Libertarianism is growing stronger day by day Libertarianism is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Libertarians are becoming more popular as others decline.” But, he cites no proof for those premises. And, again, the question was about at DDO. If he meant in America, he should have stated in America, but that still would be an invalid statement, because only 14% of Americans support the Libertarian ideology according to the CATO Think-Tank.

He uses the word “strand,” which has the following definition:
verb (used with object)
1. to drive or leave (a ship, fish, etc.) aground or ashore: The receding tide stranded the whale.
2. (usually used in the passive) to bring into or leave in a helpless position: He was stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Verb (used without object)
3. To be driven or left ashore; run aground.
4. To be halted or struck by a difficult situation: He stranded in the middle of his speech.

5. the land bordering the sea, a lake, or a river; shore; beach.

before 1000; Middle English (noun), Old English; cognate with Dutch strand, German Strand, Old Norse strǫnd; akin to strew

1. one of a number of fibers, threads, or yarns that are plaited or twisted together to form a rope, cord, or the like.
2. a similar part of a wire rope.
3. a rope made of such twisted or plaited fibers.
4. a fiber or filament, as in animal or plant tissue.
5. a thread or threadlike part of anything: the strands of a plot.
6. a tress of hair.
7. a string of pearls, beads, etc.

I think he meant the most dominant intellectual stand at DDO.

One of the definitions of the noun “stand” is

“to have or adopt a certain policy, course, or attitude, as of adherence, support, opposition, or resistance: e.G., He stands for free trade.”

Libertarians, for the most part, are a bunch of white racists, mostly born with silver spoons in their mouths, e.G., Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Ron and Rand Paul. And, many think it is cool to carry loaded assault rifles in public. Most who carry the loaded assault rifles are little macho punks.

Libertarians and Tea-Party members come from the same primeval slime of ignorance.