• Yes it is

    I think that liberty is more Important than the law because some laws just are not fair at all and some laws are just the dumbest and the stupidest laws ever ok and yes I think that we should make it more important for liberty than the stupid dumb law

  • Liberty is Important

    Liberty is very important. Its very important so we need liberty. So we can have freedom. So we are not forced to do anything or be blocked by borders. Time for us to live for ourselves and not for others. Liberty is the best. The best thing in the world.

  • Yes, some laws arn't fair.

    Yes, liberty is more important than laws, because sometimes laws can be unfair to certain types of people. We seen this time and time again throughout history and we used liberty to set up rules that would be fair to everyone. That is why it's liberty and justice for all.

  • Yes, it is.

    For the most part, I do think that liberty is more important than law. My idea of freedom is a bit more on the wild side, though freedom is an abstract idea. I like a little risk and danger. I like knowing I have to be on my toes. Laws soften this.

  • Ultimately, laws are still more important than liberty

    Ultimately, laws are still more important than liberty. It may sound crazy, but with no laws, people will do whatever they want and then who is to say what is right and wrong. With laws to follow, people will live more happier lives knowing that they are protected and cannot be harmed by others. There has to be laws, and sacrifice to liberty will always be needed for others to live in harmony and peace.

  • No, liberty is not more important than laws.

    I do not think that liberty is more important than laws. As important as liberty is, a society without laws will find no use for liberty. I think that it is important for people to alway respect the laws of the land. Only then can true liberty be achieved. I think both are important.

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