• Dream, computer program, creation..... I dnt see a difference.

    Mainstream belief is that free will is an illusion. So how is a created human different to a created com-sim? Self-awareness? Yes, to date technology is unable to create a self aware com-sim. Not to my knowledge anyway. But with the advancement I've seen I believe it will be possible one day. Perhaps that day has come and we only believe its 2015.

  • I'm not sure but

    That's a very interesting question.
    I do believe the our lives may be a dream or a computer simulation or even the thought of some great sentiment being. But it's impossible to know. Does a video game character become self aware? No. Maybe we don't either. But who knows , maybe someday we will find out for sure

  • Philosophical reasoning has established that life is not a dream.

    Famous philosopher Renes Descartes put forth the idea that the ability to think about one's existence proves one's existence because a dream is nothing more than the thoughts of an existent "I" playing out. Therefore, the mere fact that we are able to think about whether or not life is a dream means that life cannot be a dream.

  • No, life is from God.

    No, life is not a dream, because our reality is how we perceive it. God has live us life to live for His glory. We are here to live a real life to serve his purpose. It is not a dream, because we can see it and live it. Other people react to the way we behave. Life exists, and it is a gift from God.

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