Is life controlled (yes) or do you have control over your life? (no)

Asked by: KatanaBladeNeko
  • It's all controlled by the government.

    Think about it, when we start Pre-school/Kindergarden, we've signed our death warrents, we're forced to work. No say, no nothing.
    Look, I know this isn't gonna go down so well with everyone, but I'm serious here. It's just work, work, work, continue the human race, etc. Etc. So, yeah. Phew.

  • As KatanaBladeNeko said..

    As soon as we're born, our parents, family, teachers, friends and society begin impregnating our minds with values, rumors, gossip, facts, infos, what to do or not to do. So basically, the way we were raised is beyond our control.
    However, I still say that as we grow up, we either choose to continue being controlled, or we build up a bit of critical thinking and gain control over our thoughts, actions and life.

  • The time paradox. Well. Not really a paradox...

    How can one defeat the future? We are born with a pre-determined destiny, no matter your belief. Your actions are not that of your own, but are instead the ideas of some unknown figure. The future can not be altered because by attempting to change the future you are CREATING THE FUTURE!!!!!!!! :'(

    Posted by: YFNG
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