Is life for teenagers nowadays easier than before?

  • We have the internet!

    I am only 14 but i can say that i think that we have it easier. I have been reading the comments here and its true that now we have social media which can be very harmful, But we have less manual labour. Before u had to walk everywhere and it was hard to communicate to people. Now that is all easy.

  • It is way easier than before

    Wow how ever said no than you are STUPID! It is so flippen easy to get information now u days. And when you are bored you can just go and play xbox or watch TV on your TV. All ya on the no side is lazy. I mean come on you lazy son of a ...! If yall would just get off your butts then youll now how easy life is today

  • Young ones today

    I agree that some young children get it hard today since there is social media and there is also peer pressure as well as competition in schools with the young children today. Some children just want to beat others in their year or in their class. Thank you for reading.

  • Being a teen now is easier

    This is because before our generation kids did not have technology to use. Back then, kids could not contact parents or their friends, they would need to write a letter (which would take days to send), now with a touch on a screen teens could instantly send text messages, make phone calls, and use social media to connect worldwide. Also, back then teenagers didn’t have cars. Now, when you turn 16 you can drive with a parent by your side and when your 18 you can drive alone. Back then cars weren’t even invented so the only transportation device that teens had was there feet or a bike. In addition- back then, teens didn’t have a debit card or a credit card. The only way to pay for something you wanted was with cash. Now teens can save money in a bank account, and shop whenever they want. Young teens have the ability to own a debit card and older teens or adults 18+ have the rights to own a credit card. This way helps teens save money and have more control over there allowances. The debit card wasn’t made until 1994 and the credit card wasn’t made until 1950. Having a debit or credit card helps teens pay easier and save money by adding cash to the card. This way even helps adults by paying the bill and being able to keep track of their payments.

  • Much easier for teens nowadays

    It's so much easier teens don't have to help the parents doing manual labor just to help feed their family. Also, we have cars, heaters, clean water available with the push of a button. It is much easier for teens now than for teens in the past. The essentials are available.

  • Much easier for teens nowadays

    It's so much easier teens don't have to help the parents doing manual labor just to help feed their family. Also, we have cars, heaters, clean water available with the push of a button. It is much easier for teens now than for teens in the past. The essentials are available.

  • Social media doesn't help

    I used to like using social media but I felt a huge amount of pressure on it. Plus I heard an article that instagram was the worst social media platform snapchat and Facebook close behind. So I honestly cba using any type of social media anymore, except for youtube 😂

  • Why life is harder for teens now?

    Grown ups that were born in 1950’s or 1960’s say life for them was difficult, specially their teen life experiences, and they believe life for teens now have life much easier with technology, and that they have more opportunity now then there was back then. But is this true? Many say life for teens have actually has gotten harder than it was back then.

    Technology can be a great help in school life and make Hw as easy as possible for the student, but with that comes social media. Social media has grown very much from what it use to be from this it has caused on teens to suffer from cyber-bullying, self-esteem issues, mental health issues, and much more. Peer pressure has been in the game of making teen life hard since a very long time ago but now it has a much more risk in being in the teen life of being pressured from peers to do drugs, have intercourse, act in ways that are not the teens true self, etc.

  • Lol wuts rong tis al fne

    Yaaall here are lazy af thos ho say no. My dad got beatin when he gat less than 80% in his exams is that ez. Kys yall here r lazy. I work n its all fine. Ez game ez life.

    Lol don't take this serious people just kidding. But my dad bit was true

  • We are lucky..

    We are having more facilities than the people of the early ages.We have no tensions as all of our needs are fulfilled their selves and we don't even know about them.We are sitting under A/C but the people of early ages did not even had a fan.As in all aspects we are better than people of early ages

  • I think its obvious life is getting harder.

    The things which are named as comfort for humans, Is actually a parasite. Ppl used to have a labourous but happy and simpler life. . . The stess of bulk of studies, How to move in society, A rcace to be more perfect than someone eles. . Its not more than a boaring tenceful movie;;;;;;;;

  • What a cruel life

    Its hard as teeenagers nowdays to deal with all our duties we have i mean subjects are getting more complicated and we have to respond and take action to obstacles we encounter much faster than before in the past
    the common thing in the parents is that they alway say when i was in your age i was doing and the list begins
    they don't know the depression we encounter in our life
    as well as in my personal opinion i think that each stage or period has its own problems that teenagers have to deal with

  • Man Its hard

    I have to spend my night to do my projects and all the things the school has given me. Adults may think we are not stressed like them, But I guess your wrong after all. Me and my classmates had to spend our precious weekends for the piled up projects, We even can't finish them all because haha who can finish 10 projects at an age of 13. . . . . Man it's hard these days

  • I'm constantly tired and stressed, Does that sound like an easy life?

    It is currently 22:30 and I am still doing homework whilst my mum sleeps. I have an eating disorder due to social media meaning I starve myself and hate how I look, Which none of the 'Baby Boomers' had to go through as there was no social media. I have to watch my friends go to parties that I wasn't invite through snapchat. My exams are getting harder and harder each year so I would really like it if any one that believe Teenagers have it too easy, Experience what I go through on a day to day and see if my life is 'easy. '

  • Whilst we fight some problems, Many more come

    As people do better each year, Exams get harder and more work is given. People also get peer pressured in both education and social life. Social media is causing huge problems which can cause anxiety, Depression and even suicide. Rates for mental health have soared with about 30% of the UK teens in states of mental health problems. Not forgetting, Family and financial problems.

  • Hell no, It’s not easier.

    Here’s a list why. . .
    Pressure (peer and from society)
    University fees
    Examinations. (If we fail we have that cloud of disappointment hanging over our heads for the rest of our lives. ) ever thought how we are just remembering something off a page and then reguritating it onto another page? Then we forget about it a few days later. We don’t need pythagoras’ theorem, But we do need how to pay taxes, How to buy a house and about morgages etc.
    Students have to fight for their very survival
    Fighting for happiness
    Struggling to deal with fractured or tarnished relationships
    High expectations
    Cyberbullying, You didnt have that now did ye? If you were being bullied you could go home and forget about it, But now, The bully can ‘come home with us’.
    The appearences we are shown on social media pressurize us to look like the beautiful model, With a skinny waist and no acne.
    We are basically on the highway to hell.
    And that’s enough for now

  • Teenage years today are not a walk in the park

    Today our teenagers are exposed to cyber bullying back in the day they didn’t have social media so the teens had no way of being cyber bullied. Today we also have school shootings which causes teens to have to fear to go to school, Back then they didn’t have school shootings. So yes I agree being a teen back then was way easier than it is now.

  • It's not easy

    We have to do more work and memorise more stuff. We are expected to do loads in a short amount of time. On top of that we are constantly criticised for everything we do. We held under a microscope as the world watches our action. We are expected to grow up fast so we end up missing our childhood. Also, we are constantly put down for our actions and not taken seriously.

  • The pressure teenagers have nowadays is insane.

    Parents and teachers expect way more from them. The pressure of not only passing an exam but also scoring outstanding grades really does affect and teenager's mental health. Many people say with technology, everything is made easier for us but what they don't know is that with technology, comes cyber-bullying and the social media constantly reminds us how we're not pretty/handsome enough for the public. We're expected to study, get into college, have a healthy diet, SLEEP FOR 8 HOURS (like hows this even possbile), be fit, score better than out peers, manage multiple languages at the same time and be social. All of those things didn't or weren't as intense as before. Sure we have more opportunities than before but the competition we have is immeasurable. Sure we didn't have to work or give up our education like they had to in order to provide for their families BUT at least they had a colourful childhood that wasn't filled with exams, studying and high expectations, and that alone is worth more than anything in the world to me.

  • No they are not easy at all

    As a teenager myself, i understand what people are going through. Exams are getting harder, social classes stronger and jobs less likely to be found. School is definitely one of the hardest things a teenager has to go though. GCSE's, A-levels and then the stress of passing them from teachers and parents

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