• Of course it's hard!

    You have to deal with things, and be worried for dumb things like money. It doesn't have to be hard, but since it feels hard, I think it is. We can kind of choose, but not always. Everyone struggles at some point, and no one can say that they didn't.

  • Yes . .

    I havent won a fucking game of fortnite this week. I am actuqally going crazy wtf. I have 14 wins and about 1 win a week. I havent won 1 yet. Life is very hard. . . . . .. . . . .. .. . .. . . .

  • LIFE is HARD.

    Let’s just be honest. EVERYTHING worth doing is hard. If life was easy, we would be in a whole load of trouble. If life was easy, the government would do everything. We have to have a hard life. War is peace. If life is hard, it is easy, and likewise.

  • Life is hard.

    Everything worth doing is. Unless your one of the privileged few, you will have to work hard to get anywhere in life. You want to make money? Hit those books and work hard. You want to find love? Putting forth a real effort in a relationship is hard work. They say life is a journey. Thing is, once you reach adulthood, it's a journey without a guide. Your whole world rests on your shoulders.

    Funny how the ones on the "no" side that did not go anonymous are teens who have yet to live life on their own. Boy do they have a hard lesson to learn.

  • Yes, it's very hard

    There are many things that make life hard and unbearable sometimes. I'll try to mention few :
    - Injustice (social and genetic even)
    - Constant fear that lives within everyone of us(fear of death,fear of sickness,fear of ending up alone ,fear of failure etc)
    - the fact that you have to live by other people's standards and rules,
    In other words life is hard because most people lead a life that is lived for others and by otbers rules.

  • It is by existing

    To live is to struggle against physicality. To work against entropy. To live in defiance of death. Sometimes it's easier depending on who you are or how you live your life. Sometimes it's more difficult. There is no easy mode to life (I think). There is normal, hard, and insane. Even the rich or well off people in life get depressed or struggle with existence despite their wealth and power. Still,, we have choices we can make, knowledge we can learn. Life does not have to be hard. I just think it usually is. Mainly because I feel like saying that right now.

  • For most- yes.

    A vast majority of the world live below or almost at the poverty line. That should say a lot. Very few people when compared with the rest of the population would be considered as having an easy life. Also money is not everything- people with millions of dollars have committed suicide due to depression, Coping with family drama/loss and other issues. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Just because we can't always see the problems/issues someone has to go through- doesn't always mean it isn't there.

  • Yes and no

    Life is both simple and hard because there is no such thing as perfection.It all comes down to the choices that we make in life you make more simple and good ones then its not,but if you make bad choices its hard the choice is yours.So have a good one and try to enjoy it.You only get one shot at it.

  • If life wasn't hard there wouldn't be kids killing themselves and there wouldn't be single parents working 2-3 jobs

    Life is a challenge we face daily i might be only 14 but i sure as heck know that life is not easy we have to work hard in order to earn money so we can survive or else life will get even harder. Not everyone is born in a family that can support them and pay for college not to mention the stress levels and anxiety that we get today from being pressured to be perfect we have to have expensive things and nice clothes so we can fit in if not people choose to kill themselves. So in all reality people would rather burn in hell than be living another moment in this horrible world . Id say that's enough proof to say that life is indeed hard.

  • While life may be difficult, that doesn't make it inherently bad.

    Most of the responses on the "no" side are from people who've had a different experience of life, and don't understand the hardships of those people over on the "yes" side. But no matter what your life experience is, it's almost a guarantee that you've had at least one terrible, life-changing, train wreck of an incident happen to you. And when you're faced with the decision to help yourself or to just keep pushing on in your broken form, many people take the "brave" decision of going on just the same. But making the decision to be better, and bounce off of your misfortune instead of smashing through it, is ultimately the better route, and will lead to a better life. I think it's kind of telling that a debate marked "opinion" would have a conclusion based around opinion: if you think life is bad, it will be. And if you think life is good, yeah, you're in for some disappointment, but that will end up being something to strengthen your character, and help you in the long run. And besides, who would want an existence of just pleasure and happiness? There would be no reason to go on because there would be no conflict.
    In conclusion, life is just what you make it out to be.

  • Life is what you make it

    Never really gained the thought to say life is hard because its not it is only hard if you make it hard for yourself you are responsible for what happens and how it occurs and to know if you can stop the negative vibes or things that happen. Life is only hard if you think it is at the end it is what is it. As to say what you make it to be.

  • Lif ee is not hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Life isnt hard because you need to keeep tryig,. Yu guys dont try!! It is supposed to be good. Get off that couch and go do something. You guys life is not hard push it to the limitless. Go and have fun and go outside to play or something to do.

  • It depends on the person..

    It differs for everyone.. Everyone goes through at least one hardship throughout their life but that does not necessarily means that life is hard. It's a perspective thing. If you believe that life is great and easy, the easier your life will be with some things, but of course there are some things that can't have a positive outcome, but not everyone goes through the same thing. Positivity makes most things easier.

  • Life is life.

    Some days the events of that day challenge our patience and sanity. Some days these challenging events test us to the absolute end of what we believe our supply can manage. Life is an opportunity for adventure every single day. This does not mean I am blind to the terribly heinous things that happen to some people and that these things are not hard to deal with. But that is not the question here. In order to be successful in this life, we must be paying attention to what is happening around us, be respectful where respect is due, be true to ourselves, but not so selfish we openly hurt someone next to us, be intelligent enough to know that we dont know everything there is to know about everything and be open enough to learn a valuable lesson that will enourage the value we feel about ourselves.

  • No its not

    If you belive in humanity and respect why should life be hard.We all share this life and this planet if we could stop blaming all our problems on everything else and look to ourselves we might stand a chance on learnig a little bit more tolerance to appreciate this life.

  • It is up to you

    Before I start I want to say that some people will be dealt a bad had in life. Some people will have to deal with how they are raised, where they are raised and how they are parented. Life can be made hard but if you want to be happy and successful you have to power through your troubles. Now life can be difficult if you are lazy or do not care about what you want. If you want to get through life without difficulty, you should work when you are young or start now. If you start to prepare yourself when you are a kid and take opportunities to better yourself. If you do your work when you are young and are active in you community you will be very competitive in the job market. You need to take opportunities and be responsible for what you are trusted with. When you are an adult you can not act like a victim and most accept responsibility for your actions. Life can be as easy as you want it to.

    Posted by: CFS
  • It's not life, it's the people who run the world

    Life is not hard really, unless you call eating, sleeping, pooping, drinking, peeing, and sex hard. The only reason that our lives are hard is so that other people can benefit off of our work. It is so possible for us to live with such effortless and little action, but it's the fact that others are selfish and have these materialistic desires such as money and watches and shoes and clothes that make it hard.

  • It is persistence.

    Life is a long continuously events, you have to do many things in your life, like eat, sleep, exercise, earn money and most important thing live. So isn't it difficult? You want to sleep, you want to sleep on the street or in a proper house? You want to eat, you want to eat hard bread or steak with spaghetti and red wine? I think most of the people will choose the second one. But how do these come from, from money. Do you get money suddenly when you were born? No, you don't. You need to earn it, and you need many work in order to earn money. Like you wash dishes in the restaurant, you get money, but you need to work in order to get it. It might not be difficult for the first day, but if you continue, it will be hard to adhere to it.
    It's very hard to continue a thing for 10 years, 20 years, and so on. And you want live longer, you need to be very courageous. So isn't it hard it is. You need to spend most of your life on solving problems, after you finish one, there is another one.
    So life is hard.

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