• My balls are huge

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  • Big balls oh yes

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  • Because it is

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  • Life is possible without Chlorine

    I just think it is because I'm smart.I don't know what else to say. So so so soso so so so so so sosos oso hfjdv kandvj kdbjadsv jdbjjdkfbj njdb dkfjbskjd ndjfnjk kdsjfbkjf dnfjnfd djksbfjuh akjdbv dkjfn ;asjb ;aljsdf al;jdh ;ljhs .,jsdf lknd alkjdb ksjb skjdb, lsdjf laskdnf alsdkfn alsjfb

  • Not on Earth

    Chlorine is an element found in all life forms and is necessary for life on Earth as we know it. Although in high concentrations chlorine is used to kill microorganisms, table salt in its most basic form requires chlorine to bond with sodium. Salt is how humans ingest sodium, a necessary nutrient for the body to survive. Without chlorine, there is no salt. Without salt, humans and other life forms die. A chlorine deficiency in humans is marked by dehydration.

  • Life without chlorine

    There's no such thing as sustainability without the life altering benefits of Chlorine. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word Chlorine is salt. And where would the world be without salt. Salt is a preservative among other things and how can we preserve anything without salt. Other benefits: Safe drinking water, green energy and even industrial uses. So from a subjective perspective I would have to say 'No' Life would not be sustainable without chlorine.

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