Is life today more interesting than life long ago?

  • Travel, Global Economy Make Human Existence More Liveable

    Life is much more interesting today than long ago. Humans aren't as concerned with simple survival like we used to be. Humans are bigger, faster and live longer thanks to advances in nutrition, medicine and science. With faster travel and the Internet, anyone can go to far-off lands and let their minds unwind. Despite humans being more and more dependent upon technology for our quality of life, things are far more interesting now because we attain more and more knowledge every single day.

  • Life is much more interesting now than long ago.

    Today we have the enjoyment of computers, tv, games, the internet, better clothes, cars, electricity, and so much more. Long ago we could have only dreamed about what we have today, possibly not even some of the things we have. Living today provides much more entertainment and enjoyment than it would have been if living in a time where possibly only sports or board games was a sense of fun.

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