• Chain Reaction Happens

    Nowadays, The media often says many different things, Depending on what they are. Sometimes, They can forget or try to censor things, Which means less information goes to the public. This can influence their views on certain things, Which eventually means that they will have different stances in things like politics, Which results in them supporting and voting in certain people who could change the country as we know it.

  • Life today is shaped by media

    Media today exerts an enormous influence on us in almost every field. People gain worldwide information from different media sources like television, Internet, Radio etc etc. People come into contact through social media. Print media is an essential part of our day to day life. So, Is there any chance of carrying out any work without interaction with the media?

  • Depends on parenting

    It depends on what values you have been taught by your parents and your own sensible views on the world if you’re persuaded by the media or not you can see for yourself if it makes sense or if you want to follow the crowd. The media does play an important part though on many issues and attitudes wether real or staged it tends to mold a mindset for humanity you have to be able to see through the BS

  • Not only the media.

    Other factors as well play a part in our lives. Family, Friends, Co-workers, And other people play a part in each day and often effect our lives further down the road. Weather, Road conditions, Your health and other non-human factors also play a part.
    Yes, The media does play a part in most peoples lives. It can have an effect on your actions such as how a bad weather forecast may cause you to cancel that picnic. It can affect what you chose to believe is fact/truth depending on how the media spins a story. It definitely has an effect on political views and who gets elected. Tho the media does have an effect on our daily lives, Sometimes too much, It is not the only thing that shapes our lives.

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