• Ultimately I would have to say it is

    What do atheists have to point to as their ultimate meaning in life? To them they just return to the Earth when they die. That seems pretty meaningless to me. It also means that human life has no intrinsic value and we are just bags of cells. Sure they can have accomplishments but what does it ultimately amount to if their whole existence has no higher meaning? By contrasts Christians exist to serve God which gives their life great meaning that lasts even until after death.

  • Read the word.

    Yes, The bible is frowned upon but yet all the clues and stories and prophecies are true. FACTS. FACTS. FACTS. Society is dismantled and walking into stupidity. The holidays we celebrate are pagan and you can look that up as well. There is a God and I have felt his love and mercy.

  • God gives the world meaning and we exist to serve Him.

    Tell me how you could possibly even be on this plant without God. Tell me how the world could even exist without God. I know that most of the people who will read this will probably believe in evolution and the big bang theory, but I do not. I believe that God created the world and He alone has been sustaining it from the beginning. A life without God is a life that is lived for pleasure, which may seem like a good thing for a while, but in the end it will be a very meaningless life. God created every individual for a purpose and that purpose was to honor and glorify Him. Though many people choose not to believe in or serve God, He is the only One who has the capability of keeping this world together. The entire book of Ecclesiastes (which was written by King Solomon, the son of King David) is written on the topic that the world is meaningless without God. Ecclesiastes 1:2 and 1:8 both state "Vanity, of Vanity; all is vanity." Solomon wrote this book at the end of his life after he had tried to find pleasure and happiness in many different areas (including wealth, money, power, wives, etc.). He wrote this book for his son before he passed on. Thankfully Solomon got right with God before he ended up dying, but he wrote this book as a warning to anyone who tried to find pleasure apart from God. It is vanity (meaningless) to even try.

  • Of course there is a God

    When you see a building do you believe it came from nothing, of course not, it had a creator, to believe it came from nothing you would be seen as a lunatic. But some people believe that everything just sprung into existence from nothing, to me that's a sign of insanity. For life to start from nothing is an impossiiblity, for a food chain to come into existence from nothing to support life makes it even more impossible. Science proves that nothing can only create nothing, but we exist so that proves there has never been a time when nothing existed, something has always existed. It's obvious there is a creator (God). What you need to know is do we mean anything to God , are we important to God. Ask him, if he sees you are truly trying to find him he will answer

  • Simple: From without a for is meaningless

    People who actually thinks that they are responsible to give their life a meaning is meaningless, and by the way how can we recognize this assumption of meaning came from us? I believe that man is already wired to seek these purpose to the one who can give as the point of reference. We study because we wanted to learn, and learning needs a point of reference and life as well. I believe life is a more complex thing to be talk about and we really need to truly have a greater point of reference or I must say the greatest POR. Theist or Atheist can agree on the matter of the subject that people can still be morally upright than no matter what is your belief system but I believe meaning is a different subject. I believe being morally upright doesn't give you the whole meaning of life or the fulness of which you can only find on God(Christian one) to be exact.

  • Life would cease to exist without God

    All you have to do is look at the world today they took God out of everything and bad things happened kids shooting kids and teacher look at the rioting that is happening look at the attitudes of our young men and women today they don't believe in God they believe that they make their own destiny

  • If life is truly meaningless Then My life and my Family was meant for NOTHING. Everyone on EARTH should know that!

    Just stop and think for a moment. If there was no God, How is Humanity going to find true Answers and the meanings to Life existence? To Universe existence? Man can never find it, even they support Science. It would just be impossible and built up there own theory and facts by naming it and stuff. If there is no Life after Death then Whats the point of Humanity existing? Its like I just suddenly came to existence and then after death I cease to exist forever? Are you serious. That does not make Life precious. That makes it meaningless, Absurd and Lost Hope.Put it like this "when we internalize it and look at it from the first-person perspective—"my death: I am going to die"—that the threat of non-being becomes real. As Sartre points out, many people never assume this first-person perspective in the midst of life; one can even look at one's own death from the third-person standpoint, as if it were the death of another or even of an animal, as did my friend. But the true existential significance of my death can only be appreciated from the first-person perspective, as I realize that I am going to die and forever cease to exist. My life is just a momentary transition out of oblivion into oblivion." You see how Absurd Life can be without God? Nature, The Universe, Animals and the Sun that shineth all points to Heavenly Father, There is no other life in other planets excepts for ours, There is no Tree's nor Grass nor Ocean in other planets except for ours and Evolution and Big bang was proven false over and over. Even if there was after life. Its going to still be meaningless. This is great Proof Atheism is infact an illusion and its sad not many Child of GOD knows that. The Proof of GOD was proven already since the beginning. His invisible attribute was Clearly seen. Yet Some people just quit and decide to stay blind and Mock GOD. I don't just believe. I KNOW THE MOST HIGH GOD IS INFACT Everlastingly REAL THAN US! I had Holy experiences right after I was Baptize. FACT. Beside this was not about religion. This is about Relationship of what GOD truly wants from us.

  • Big bang is illogical. The only entity that is illogical is man.

    If there was indeed a body of something we might recognise as matter, the body is inert. There needs to be a force that defeats the inert mass. There is no reason for an inert mass to explode without a 'fuse'. The whole concept isillogical and man is the only sentient being in our knowledge of the solar system. God created man in his own image and included the potential to be illogical.

  • Life is meaningless without jehovah

    You can have it all, or have nothing, it won't make a difference. It won't make a difference if you are rich, poor, attractive, unattractive. The life you live will end and to dust you will return you're breath will go out like a candle and perish it does not go to upwards or downwards it perishes. Do you remember being born? You are not going to remember the life you lived. You will never know that you died. This caused me extreme anger hatred and denial im living for nothing because none of it will matter and if i do gods will, will it be only for a possible ressurection ? Listen to me some hope is better than no hope when life is over its gone i choose to belive in god because thats what gives life purpose.

  • It would be pointless if God was not existant

    Athiest tend to think God is simply a mythical grandpa in the sky, and only take there criticisms from mainstream religions. What if God is the eternal fabric that connects all our life force? From bacteria to the most enlightened metaphysical beings. I think we are here to build our soul and the journey is never ending. Time is circular and we will live and die infinitely assuming different lifeforms. To gain knowledge, strength, and love eachother equally is the true goal. Life is just a game that's never really over, and the meaning is in how you play your part in it. God is inside us all.

  • Of course not

    There are some arrogant enough to say this is absolutely the case, and they are very poor representatives for tolerant religious people. It's not for everybody, an endless number of people have and are living lives without acknowledging/believing in a higher power and they are perfectly content in doing so.

  • No, life is what you make of it

    Life with or without God is as meaningful or meaningless as you want it to be. Just as religion/God are not requirements for morality, they are not requirements for finding meaning in life. That is not to say that God or religion are wrong, just that they are not required to find meaning. Other ways to find meaning include relationships with others, love of family, charitable causes, professional ambitions, hobbies, and almost anything else one can think up.

  • The Big Picture

    We are all part of this evolving process. The development of our self awareness, our emotions and our beliefs, all the things that make life more comfortable, convenient, safer, longer (like modern medicine), that allow us to thrive, came about through this process of evolving. We are each a player in this process. Actions we take today will directly influence the experience of those who come after us. We can contribute to things today that will alleviate future suffering, or we can create future suffering (our own extinction even). The best societal environment for humans to thrive today, is one that is inclusive, and cares about the well being of it's members. Compassion, love, selflessness, concern for protecting the planet and natural environment, are natural instincts, because they help us thrive and survive. We are active participants in this process, and influence the direction and experience of future life on this planet. What could be more meaningful than that?

  • Of course it isn't meaningless.

    Firstly, you'd have to define the meaning of life, which is impossible since everyone's is different. If everyone's meaning in life is different then it would be unfair and unjust to claim any life to be meaningless if it does not conform to your own meaning of life. Secondly, there is no proof or solid evidence of an afterlife. Those saying that when you die it all vanishes and it meant nothing. Wrong. It meant something to the people who came after or the people who were in that current time. If Niels Bohr was an atheist, which he certainly seemed to be, then you would say his discovery of how atoms and electrons function was meaningless then? I think not! His contributions to the world of knowledge and science I would think would give him peace of mind. He didn't do those things for God, but am I sure glad he did them anyways. The great Dr. Carl Sagan believed his life had meaning. He was agnostic, he even told that to his 14 year old daughter on his death bed in December, 1996. He said he had no evidence to support there being an afterlife so he needn't waste time on thinking about one. That man gave us huge insights into the great world of physics and space and theory.
    So yes, life has as much or as little meaning as one person gives it. I don't do the things I do for a meaningless cause or for a petty human-like god. No. I do them because I want to make our world and society a better place that no amount of religion will.

  • As conscious beings, WE give our lives meaning and purpose.

    I am still struggling to make sense of the universe, but as a newly de-converted man I have to say that my life still has the same "purpose" and "meaning" it did when I believed in a god. For nearly 30 years I was raised to believe in the Christian god. Like many I began to doubt, but I soon realized that my belief by faith was unjustified and contradictory. Of all the propositions I accepted as true (believed in), I could tie them to some form of objective, verifiable evidence/experience... With the exception of one--my god belief. The more I realized that this was the ONLY belief I held that required faith (vacuous support), the more I saw the fallacious nature of pleading for this special case. Without supporting evidence, I could not honestly justify believing by faith. So, I sought evidence. The more that I learned about the universe, the more I saw my position in it as increasingly insignificant. But, I found so much more meaning and purpose to my life in the knowing that I will be the only one of me to ever exist in this universe. Knowing that I am truly unique means that the purpose I give to my life means something. I was able to stop living for "hope" that I would attain some ethereal prize at the cost of wasting my life in the real world. The precious seconds I have here mean even more to me, and I vowed then to do my best living them as best as I could. If I am judged for living a decent, human life, then so be it. But any god worth a damn would understand that by endowing me with reason and logic, this was THE ONLY way I could live: to be internally consistent with my view of reality, while still open to the possibility that a god does exist. I just need evidence to believe, because believing by faith is neither honest nor logical.

  • Meaning is up to you

    It's sad that so many people feel that for life to have meaning it has emanate from some unseen supernatural being. It is much harder work to invest life with meaning through the way you live, but ultimately much more rewarding if you have the courage to go that way.

  • Life has the meaning you give it...

    I do believe that human beings can live purposeful and a meaningful life's without God because there is so much in life that gives one meaning or which brings fullfillment. Faith in God can provide meaning and add value but so can not having any faith in a God or gods. Religions is man's solution to the existential conundrum that in the end we die. Religion has aided in the advancement of our species. It has helped us evolve eusocially much like ants. I do see value in faith and religion but which God do we have faith in? Which religions revelations and or holy scriptures do we follow? Christianity is the religion that has shaped America's culture and society but so has science and technology. Where would be today without science and technology? Where would we be without our shared values of democracy?

    I believe we do need some faith or a larger picture of our reality to bind us together as humans. We need a new philosophy and ethic that is based upon science, reason, and traditions of our shared human experience. Maybe there is an afterlife. Maybe there is a God. What is wrong with living with that hope as long as it is reasonable and supported by science?

  • The points in support all imply the fact that people are lost on their own... I can't even...

    Why do people feel the need to validate one's own existence by acknowledging this higher power as a savior? Accepting the claim that the universe came into existence from a creator and leaving out the ideas of an intervening being, this scenario wouldn't be much different than if there was no God. The idea to "live for the future" can be accomplish through the progression of our species as a whole. The idea that we need this never ending second life in order to live as good people is flaw in many ways and implies that the only reason for living this life is purely for selfish reasons. (Though, it can also be reasoned that ever action is selfish -- but that's getting off topic.)

    The idea that people are inherently evil, and morally unsound is just a worn out concept. Accepting the fact that people are inherently weak doesn't mean that one will lose hope. Why does this source of inspiration need to come from outside people? Why can't people be their own inspiration for change. For happiness. For life.

  • Life can be very fulfilling for an agnostic/atheist.

    It appears the majority of people stating they struggled without god grew up being raised with a religion and/or that this omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being was watching over them who likely intervenes in their lives. I wasn't raised with such a belief and live a very happy life surrounded by family and friends. If there is no life after death, why should we despair over that? We wouldn't be able to change, so while living wouldn't we just try to live it up instead of preparing ourselves for a better world once we leave? We don't know if that would exists, but we all know this would exists. Honestly, the argument that fearing an all-powerful supreme being is the only way (or is fundamental) to living a happy life I just don't understand. We nonbelievers aren't all depressed individuals, just as believers aren't all individuals who feel fulfilled. If you find fulmilment in prayer and worship, then by all means continue with your religious activities; if you're happy and not harming anyone, then good. But understand that quite a lot of agnostics and atheists are completely happy without subscribing to a religion or really believing in a god.

  • Life without god is actually meaningful

    When people believe in god, they credit him for everything they see that they cannot explain. When people don't believe in god, they look for answers instead. They find answers to where life comes from etc. I think a life without a god, is actually more meaningful in that sense

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