Is life without parole cruel and unusual punishment?

  • Yes it is a waste of time and money

    Life without parole is cruel and unusual because it is pretty much killing a person but making them live out their life. If there is a chance that a person is wrongly convicted then they should get life in prison. However, if the case is 100% positive with evidence or a confession then the person should be put to death. We waste too much money keeping these criminals fed and housed.

  • Everyone needs a second chances

    I have a friend that got life without 20 years ago. That was his first violent crime and he was only 20 when it happened. I don't think it is right that he can't live any of his life out side of prison. I understand that he needed to pay for what he did but not the rest of his life. He hasn't even got into any trouble while he has been in but without the parole board looking into it it don't matter. He is in a program that if he could be released it gets them a better out date but even doing that isn't going to change him getting out ever.

  • So what is reason for that?

    In most humanist countries prison is for rehabilitating people back to society not just punishing. I live in Europe and I never even knew that kind of punishment were used anywere in world. Here it usually means about 11-12 years in prison after which you can get parole and that is too much in comparison. Murder is life min 11-12 years, killing 9 years and you get paroled after 4.5 years. Result to victim always same. Last year is good spent in open prison since it help prisoners to get back to society.

  • Eternal deprivation of hope is the worst.

    If someone does something that evil, they deserve to be executed. To say it's not that bad but we will permanently deprive you of hope of release is cruel. If the crime wasn't bad enough to warrant execution there should always be a chance for release if the person is truly reformed and no longer a threat to society.

  • People need rehabilitation

    Every case is different. Some people need to be kept in jail for safety of the community. People who can be rehabilitated should not spend more than 20 years which is a long time it is cruel and serves no purpose. I'm looking to get involved in stopping this evil

  • Is life without parole cruel and unusual punishment?

    Yes, specially when is given someone that at the end didn't kill nobody. In this case because a police man was involved and a young guy.The police was hurt, was retired and later, he kill a homeless just because came close to him asking for money, also he tried kill his wife (2013) He never was charged, the police department swipe it under the rug. Ask for a second chance in life for the young guy, sentenced to life without parole. Injustice!

  • It forces human beings to live a life devoid of any meaning.

    In some cases, death is certainly a more humane alternative to life in prison w/o parole.

    If one has no chance of being set free, then what is the point of living? As a prisoner lives out their life-long sentence, chances are, they will develop some type of mental illnesses (possibly resulting from social isolation and utter hopelessness). If the mental illness becomes severe enough it could cause prolonged suffering prior to the inmate's eventual death.

    In the cases where mental illness is likely to develop within the convict... I believe that death would be the best form of punishment.

  • People can change

    Everyone can change and we all deserve a second chance, let them show the change not throw away the key. Everyone can judge but no one knows someday if your child or family or friend will end up in the same situation. Their is always a story and someone needs to listen and fight for those who can make a difference by changing. The brain is not fully developed until later twenties that has been proven by science so let's step up to the plate and help those who want to be helped not turn our backs and walk away. The prision systems is failing and needs to be changed. Kids are thrown away and left to defend for themseleves and the support system in prisions are not helping. Twenty five and under need not to have the key thrown away with life in prision without parole. I wish and pray that the government and all our politicians would make a difference as you never know if someday someone you know needs your help and support. No one is perfect and everyone has a story.

  • Rehabilitation over Revenge

    In the USA, prison systems are designed to make the offender suffer rather than rehabilitate. They are missing the point. I think it is especially cruel when they sentence teenagers as young as 14 to life without parole. Although the crimes they committed are heinous, but having a person rot in prison for the rest of their life knowing that there is no hope, no possibility of ever getting out is very very cruel and psychologically damaging. Think about it, if you sentence a kid to life without parole, it's unfair and unjust to have them continue rotting in prison 70+ years later. Everyone deserves a second chance, but now it's become almost a one strike and you're out. Absolutely ridiculous. The goal of prison is to rehabilitate the person to reintroduce to society rather than slowly torture and suffocate them for the rest of their lives. I agree with long sentences (i.E. 25-30 years) for heinous crimes, but the impossibility of ever getting out is, without a doubt, 100% cruel and inhumane.

  • Brain isn't fully developed

    Juveniles don't have a fully developed brain. They don't think about the consequences because they never had to before. They always depend on an adult and don't really care. Juveniles usually don't have to take care of themselves so they don't know how. Locking them up for life just doesn't make sense.

  • Not in general, no.

    As long as the prisoner is being treated fairly humanely, life in prison is not cruel and unusual punishment. Some prisoners simply can not be rehabilitated and are too dangerous to rejoin society. Our choice than, is to execute them, which is always morally wrong, or keep them in prison where they can no longer prey on society.

  • One for 2

    If you knew someone who was a victim of murder you would want this person locked away forever. A study showed that people who end up in prison are most likely going to end up back their. So why do we let innocent people get effected in some way because we want to show kindness to criminal scum!!!

  • We should not kill people for killing someone.

    Most people argue that it's more expensive to give people three meals a day, but studies show that it costs way more to get all the supplies and ingredients etc. for lethal injections than to just keep them in prison for life. Which makes way more since than killing them because they killed someone.

  • Some people cannot be trusted.

    Think about sociopaths,extremely difficult to rehabilitate sociopaths,what if they were to be let out into the real world after being reprimanded? They would cause havoc across the area they live in. People like that shouldn't be allowed freedom. In my opinion, I would rather not have my family murdered by a raging sociopath that our failed judicial system let out of prison because it costs money. If it costs money then execute them. The crimes they committed were heinous enough,and the family deserves closure anyway.

  • Some people cannot be rehabilitated

    Since the death penalty is being pulled back, there has to be a way to punish people for the most heinous crimes and life without parole is the only way. There is a point where you can't rehabilitate someone. They are a danger to society and cannot be let out ever.

  • Life without parole is not cruel and unusual punishment.

    Our technology has came a long way especially with DNA testing; however, nothing is perfect. I don't think it is cruel and unusual punishment. Most of the people who are in prison with life without parole has done something to deserve it according to our system. However, our system is not perfect either. If people would look at when the laws were written and revised, you might be surprised.

    The question everyone needs to ask themselves is if a member of your family was murdered, would you want that person knocking on your front door in 10-20 years? There is a great chance when a person is convicted of murder, if they get out on parole, they have a 64% chance of reoffending again. So why not lock the person up for life instead of putting society/community at risk to suffer at the hands of a violent offender?

  • Not when utilized correctly

    Some people are so truly broken and dangerous to society that it's the only rational decision to make, not cruel and unusual punishment. An overwhelming majority of people wearing this sentence around their neck have done things to earn it, while it obviously isn't an enjoyable life, guess what, it isn't supposed to be.

  • Life without parole is acceptable punishment.

    In our prison system, capital punishment is only done in one state, and not done very often, as it is not accepted by most people. Sentencing them to spend the rest of their life in prison is the only next acceptable way to punish those that commit the most serious of crimes.

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Lila44444 says2018-06-07T20:20:53.457
A man watches his friend (or someone he can 100% sure identify) kill his child intentionally. Judge says there is not enough evidence that his friend was the killer. He goes and kills the killer (since he knows 100% sure). Then he is killed by State. In Christian country do people think God will be ok with this?

Or if there is enough evidence and the father shoots the killer after his sentencing in court then he gets sentenced to death. State can revenge killing with killing but you can't. If someone cuts your hand, why State don't cut his hand the same way?

I just don't get the reasoning for death sentence. And actual life in prison is much worse. People have to kill them self in much more painful way than State would since what is the point for living in prison the end of your days. No reason to educate yourself to profession or anything. No matter how much you repent or change you can never be freed. Most Christian countries people believe in forgiving and rehabilitating.

Life in prison because person might be innocent is really bad reasoning too. Innocent person may be 80 years in prison. Cases are very unlikely investigated again and should be investigated better in first place. If that person has been brainwashed to think that suicide ends you to hell then that is so much worse for him since suicide is their only escape from their unjust suffering. Changes that their case is investigated again are usually as same as none.