• Sex is control.

    Males today have no self-control. When you give in to sexuality, you give up all control and create a need that drives your life. It is much better to remain a virgin than to lose control over oneself. Sex pushes you to want more material possessions, Sex motivates strife between you and your best friends. Yes I am a virgin, however I enjoy life being free and not controlled by anything or anybody. I would not have a problem finding someone to fornicate with, however I currently do not wish to level the playing field. Being a strong, confident, self-sufficient male allows you to get what you want, when you want something someone else, has it changes the rules one must get to acquire it. My best examples in life are amongst my friends. My friends crave female attention because they have opened their metaphorical "box" (sexuality). The way they look at women in general immediately gives them the lower hand in interactions. They can not get anything out of the banter as the female is in control. I on the other hand, have a different hand of cards being the way I am. I have my "box" sealed shut and have not opened it, therefor sexuality has no control over me. This plays out to my advantage in so many ways. It is as if females know I do not need them. Making "control" in my field. I get what I want, when I want it and I do not even have to try. All of the places I go regularly, I have girls fighting over me. Begging my for my attention. Some quick pointless banter and I score deep discounts, free stuff and more attention than most guys can bat a stick at. Yes, I know it is selfish and I am a heartless cold jerk. However, I enjoy life paid for by those who do not have themselves in control. I know after reading this most of you hope I will die alone suffering a cold miserable painful death. But you whine about that and I will enjoy my posh existence and keep my control!

  • Blinded by society

    Society has convinced people that sex is an important part of relationships and that without it you are unimportant, sex is a way of reproducing and some people miss understand that. Society makes them want sex and no children but when they do end up a parent they either don't want it or don't want to raise it. You can live without sex but in order to do that you need to stop listening to society and its ways.

  • Meditation alternative for sex

    Human beings are the most unwanted species on the earth. All his actions are always contradictory to nature. Sex is one the most unusual behaviors of man as compared to other living organisms. If sexual power is diverted to enlightened oneself it can save humanity from numerous prevailing ailments. Meditation is the only alternative.

  • Its too much stress

    It may feel good for a few moments, but sex is overrated and stupid. All it does is create problems. People come together and think they care about each other and want all this affection. Then one little thing goes wrong and everything falls apart just like that. People need to keep their clothes on and start praying more. Our society needs more prayer and chastity, not sex and drugs.

  • Sex without love is worse than no sex at all

    In my opinion, life should always be considered as a gift and therefore worth living. I know some people, who haven't had a relationship yet (and therefore no sex) and are totally unsatisfied with themselves and their attractiveness and die of curiosity. They try dating sites and think about one- night- stands to lose their virginity. But I think they just have to wait- there is the right person for everybody and it is better to only have sex with someone one loves. Like that, one simply never is humiliated if something goes wrong or if it doesn't work at all and one cannot be used for it. Therefore, life without sex can in some cases even be better than life with sex as it's better not to do it than to do it with the wrong person.

  • Life is awesome

    I'm a 25 year old virgin, and no I'm not christian.
    When I was a teenager I didn't really spent time with people at my own age. My best friendships was actually adults who was married. I believe I had a very different view of relationship than most of my teenage fellows, which made it sound like relationship with girls in general was all sex. In an early age I realized, that what was going on - had much more to do with being confirmed, than anything else. I've found my zone - I'm happy, educated, confident. I embrace sadness and enjoy the after-rush of happiness. I've meet many girls that I wanted to have sex with, but 90% of them just wanted to be confirmed in the very moment, and if you didn't give it up right away, they would go emotionally crazy (almost evil) and exclude you.
    I cannot see how a life of such insecurity, bad selfesteem and constant need of being confirmed is better.

  • Sure it is

    How does sex make life worth living? Sex is hardly something that is necessary for someone to survive. It is necessary for procreation but that is not the same question. Putting sex in the same category as air, food, or water is a misunderstanding of what necessity is. There are many people who live a celibate life who have no problems that someone who has sex doesn't.

  • substitute sex for lavish food and luxuries

    It seems that an unconscious drive for human motivation in life , at work, reaching educational and social goals is due to a primitive drive to obtain a mate and have sex and successfully reproduce . If delicious food other dopamine serotonin triggers were substituted in place of sex life would still be worth living!

  • A life without Sex is better than no life at all.

    Although sex is in man's carnal nature the prospect that one can't live without it is ludicrous. The human experience extends far beyond just the physical wants and needs of man. That being said, there are a lot of things that could substitute the shallow and short term gratification of sex. In fact, many experiences and events far outweigh the intrinsic value of sex. This isn't to say that sex is a horrible thing and that one should abstain from it their whole life, but noticeably in recent decades the media has transitioned its outlook on sex from a taboo, behind-closed-doors occurrence into something much more capitalized and blatant. The act of sex is a sacred thing and the nonchalant use of it and reference to it in modern day society has completely diminished its value in the eyes of the public. All that being said, while sex is a great thing it is by no means the qualifier of life.

    Posted by: Fayz
  • Sex isn't everything.

    Dogs can have sex. It's not all that. Seriously, it's a few contractions that happen to feel good. As humans, we have so many other things to enjoy in life. Music, sports, food, travel, books....the list is endless. Sex is so over rated. If all you acre about is sex, you need help.

  • Life Is Not Worth Living Without Sex.

    The world is mind and the mind is world. There is nothing else in the world like a beautiful, naked woman ready to be made love to. Yes, I've seen some of the most beautiful sites in the world but no sunset, no mountain, no work of art compares to the naked form of a woman. No goal, no idea, no God, no music can live up to sex. Without it, life is not worth living.

  • No sex no babies

    the headline says it all. If there was no sex in this world babies of mammals would not exist. Therefor we would not be able to even argue this. the headline says it all. If there was no sex in this world babies of mammals would not exist. Therefor we would not be able to even argue this. the headline says it all. If there was no sex in this world babies of mammals would not exist. Therefor we would not be able to even argue this. the headline says it all. If there was no sex in this world babies of mammals would not exist. Therefor we would not be able to even argue this.

  • Life will not be the same without sex.

    Sex is one blessed activity in the world that cannot be compared with any other activity in the world. We are alive today just because of sex, depriving ourselves from sex will make human beings extinct. Sex strengthens social bonds among people; men and women. Sex is very important in our lives life will not be the same without it; however, according to Kierkegaard's aesthetic mode. We are supposed to make life interesting by eliminating boredom, life without sex will be boring.

  • There wouldn't be life.

    This isn't really up for debate. Sex is the single most important thing most species on this planet can do. Without sex there wouldn't be life. It is how we, as a species, reproduce. Our biological imperative is to spread our genes. If you don't you have failed at your only task on this earth. Let's play a thought game. Think about how life would be without the things you find important. Now think about life without sex. Should be impossible because homo sapiens wouldn't be here.

  • Trust me, I know from experience...

    LIsten, all those who are arguing that no szex would be just fine I have a question for you. How long have yo gone without it? Life is livable, yes, we can continue to breathe without sex. But what we are going for here is is life satisfactory, contented, and happy without it? I argue no, it could not be simply because we are biologically sexual creatures. It would be like asking a bird is life ok even if you can never fly again? Of course not! It is what we as a species are meant to do and to not do so is against our very nature. No, a creature meant and made to do a thing who does not do it is not going to have a happy worthwhile life, and really should be ended for their own good, as well as all others around that person.

  • I'm a widow and I miss sex so much it affects me physically.

    I had a very happy marriage and sex weekly. It's been more than 4 months now since I've had sex & I am dying. It hurts me in the gut so much I can hardly function. Yet I can find no one to whom I am attracted and who is mutually attracted. It seems it will never be.

  • A life without sex is a life not worth living.

    First, from a standpoint of procreation, a life without sex does nothing to extend the existence of the human species.

    From a standpoint of physical pleasure, there is nothing more beautiful than the act of intercourse. Denying oneself the act is like a life sentence in a minimum security prison.

  • Sex is part of the animal experience.

    Every species has sex and lots of it too. Since humans have sex for pleasure it is amazing to have sex. In today's feminist society women can get sex if they want but its an uphill struggle for men, more so for shorter and average men. So ugly singles suicide.

  • Life without self love is bleak

    Ok, I understand you can live a descent life with out the act of sexual intercourse, however life without loving your own sexuality its not worth living. If you don't love yourself or sexually majority of the human would feel like they are lying to themselves, and have low self confidence. These feeling can lead to depression, and anxiety. For majority of the population sex in a loving relationship as well as being loved emotionally , they are reaping so many positive benefits. That is same as for masturbation aka self love.

  • Life is not enjoyable without sex.

    Sex and orgasm is the only enjoyment I have. I think about it constantly and I miss it. It is very pleasurable to me. I like all forms of sex. I would perform almost any sexual act with any consenting adult. To provide sexual pleasure to a woman is my biggest desire. I would love to give them multiple orgasms. But I am impotent and sex is no possible for me. So whats the point in living?

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Fayz says2013-03-02T18:32:58.093
I think that whoever made this question should've been more specific because the way that I viewed the question was on an individual basis. In any random person's life, is life without sex worth it OR did you mean life in GENERAL (involving everyone) please clarify