IS LIFE WORTH IT?!? I really don't think so when life decides to unleash infinite hell on me. And only me.

  • Are you REALLY ready to meet Jesus?

    Hell in the afterlife is much worse than whatever life throws at you. I am asking you to pretty please get mental healthcare. Counseling. Do you know Jesus as your God, Lord, Savior, And Friend? God is asking me to talk you out of this, Honey. Jesus suffered and died so you might be saved. When I was 15, I was RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I sked Jesus why I should make Him my God, Lord, And Savior. His Holy Spirit answered and said to me what I am saying to you. This is the radical love of Jesus: That He paid the price for your falling short. Honey, You are beloved by Jesus. If this gets me screamed, At, I am very sorry, But I am terrified for you. Back to the story: I went somewhere private to pray. I repented of all of my sins and received Jesus Christ as my God, Lord, And Savior. I thanked Jesus for what happened. I confessed the new relationship to my mother. The devil is ugly and is trying to seperate you from Jesus. Call on the name of Jesus and be saved. When I got saved, I had hope, And decided not to kill myself. If you do this, Or not, Please also ask a mental healthcare provider for help, Or ask the police to to take you to a psychiatric ward. Jesus was striken and tortured so you may have eternal security in Him. He loves you. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, But satan has a heavy burden. Jesus is the kind of God you can be absolutely safe, Open, And honest with Him. He prefers honest speech to us lying about our feeling to Him. There is always hope for people alive on this earth who choose this da Jesus to serve. Jesus has done so much for me. He speaks to me every single day. He is the very first Person to ever give me Hope, And make me feel safe. His name Jesus is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word for salvation. Yeshua/Jesus is salvation, And He is risen so you may be as well. He is with you right now. Hey listen, If you tell me to shut up, I will. I just want you to know the joys of Jesus and mental healthcare. The Bible says to choose life and be blessed by Him. You don't have to be strong, Let Jesus, TAKE THE LEAD WITH YOU. H is absolutely safe Savior to all of His lambs. Before you or anyone else gets upset, Please know what Jesus has done for me. Jesus is touch but fair. It is never easy to stay alive when you don't want to be, But if you choose life for your body and soul, You will be rewarded. Jesus is so wonderful.

  • Maybe, Idk really. . .

    Honestly, I'm considering suicide too, You're not the only one stuck in infinite hell until death. Honestly, I just don't want other people do be affected because of my problems. . . I'm sorry that you're going through this, And don't let people call you "stupid" or "wimp" because you're considering this. Honestly, You have to be brave to not be scared to do this. I'm sorry I can't help more.

  • Life may not seem worth it but it is!

    You were put on this earth for a reason, Though what reason some people are not sure but I am, God gave you a purpose here no matter what happens. But really are you ready to meet the lord or are you ready to die with people mourning you?

    God loves you and so do I!

  • Not really no

    Ifinite hell. That means there is no point in life. Its hell in reality. If you have done no bad, Then you are in heaven. A better place. Who else agrees? Since I need more words I am typing this 6ttfffffggvvvv uh g y yvyvyvy y g g g y

  • Yikes these results

    I believe life is worth living. I am grateful for being able to live my life. Life without adversity would make life pointless. Emotions come and go as life goes on. Suffering is what drives people to become stronger.

    I am grateful for the memories and experiences, I have endured because it is what makes me who I am. My strong sense of self-allows me to stride through life with a unique outlook on life. My curiosity, Passion, And idealism help find the meaning in my life.

    However, I would not find life worth living if I had no freedom. If I was unable to be myself with my unique complexities I would rather die. If I was unable to think for myself with my opinions I would rather die. If I was unable to live the way I want to live I would try my best to find a way to freedom.

  • Live your life man.

    I'm sorry but this is just my opinion. Nowadays everyone is
    " depressed". They try and act depressed and stuff. I in the past had diagnosed depression. It is a mental issue and depression is much more than being sad. It's a constant feeling lonely and just feeling hurt 24/7. It's like a demon that follows behind you everywhere. Like a rain cloud that won't go away. A constant feeling of tiredness. You don't even feel like a person. But trust me, Life is worth living. People say that committing suicide is selfish. Just remember someone's life is always worse than yours. Once you find a good crowd of people and find someone that will help you love yourself, Just once you realize how important you are to people.

  • Life is Worth It

    Because you only get one chance and you can change the world when you are alive but not when you are dead. 🙂 Also I hate blood it just umm. My brain just goes “Nope, Not today, Pal. ” Also WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SUFFER THE GREATEST PAIN ON EARTH? ! ? ! ? WHAT EVEN IS YOUR BRAIN? ! ? ! ?

  • Think About Your Decision

    Life is something people chose to give you. To give it up won't make the pain go away. It's not a decision you can take back. I know you think that right now, People all hate you. That the fates have decided to conspire against you because they just decided to. That's not how life works. Life is not fair. Yeah, I know.
    Just find something to make you see that you deserve to live! You are an amazing, Wonderful person, So suck it up and find something to be happy about. I know that it's easier said than done, But you need to discover what makes life worthwhile. For you.

  • Yes it is

    I think no matter what race you are or age or what people say about you, Your a human being and you have a right to live no matter I SAY NO MATTER! If your a "nigger" "gay " or something else you are special don't ever forget that

  • Depending on the Person

    Life is worth it depending on the person, Life is worth it for me, I have an okay life. I'm happy. Yes, You've had "Infinite Hell' unleashed on you, But what is life without ups and downs. Life is far from rainbows and unicorns. We fall and get back up again. Life can suck. Life can hurt you in ways no man can imagine. But that does not mean you have to end your life because hell is unleashed upon you. It's better to say "I went through that and I am stronger now" than "I gave up and I can't do this anymore" Go be strong. Go and stand up and face life and stare it in the eyes and show it who's boss.

  • Brett Brett Brett

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  • Life is absolutely pointless

    Life is pointless because the universe is a big place, Simlpy one single life does not matter. We simply are born, Then we die. Emotions are simply a chemical reaction in the brain to drive you onward, Its just a illution, You may think you are happy but it does not mean anything. One single life in the vast universe is like a speck of dust that can be in a swimming pool. Its simply pointlkess. We eat we sleep and then we die

  • There are more reasons not to live than to live.

    There are infinite reasons why someone may want to commit suicide or just- die. Family problems, Living situations, Mental or physical illness. Just because you live in the "first world" and have food on your table doesn't mean anything. Because one person is stable and has accepted their purpose- repopulate, Doesn't mean anyone else has either. This whole debate could also clash with countless other topics, Philosophy being a huge one. You go to school for 12 years, That is if your lucky enough, College for 4, Then you work for the rest of your life.

  • Just make your suicide a cool one

    Life's a bitch nothing good come from it especially when life decides to give you nothing but hell in the first place i have already decided that i will watch all the seasons of friends and regular show be fore i leave this horrible planet i will also eat nothing but taco bell chick fil a and all types of burgers i will also leave this earth in an amazing way i will first light myself a blunt then do a line a coke and then i will go to the ghetto make enemies with all the gangs therefore starting a riot that will have take a step back playing the whole time then i will hand myself over and let them do a five man execution on me and that's how i'll end it because if i wanna die im gonna let everyone know that i died and i will be remembered for years to come

  • In the grand scheme of things does one individual life matter

    Short answer no. Long answer is that human technology has pushed the capabilities of a person farther than ever thought. When once all humans did was gather and hunt food for survival now we dick around on our cell phones all day so it is pointless to say that any given life is worth more than the next

  • I believe that life can be chosen or discarded at the free will of the individual, But read what I have to say before discarding.

    Let me preface my statement by saying, Simply, That you are not the only person in the world who has ever suffered. And, Certainly, Although pain is a subjective experience, One must take into account the world around them. If you truly want to die, I neither can, Nor do I want to stop you. In the end, It is your own decision, And I truly think you should have your own choice. However, To say that life "decides to unleash infinite hell on me. And only me. " is not only a untruth, But the flat out ignorance of every other individual who has ever suffered, And thought that their life was "infinite hell". It is more than apparent that the person who has posed the given question is doing little more than asking for attention and sympathy from people he does not know. I say to you, That you take a further look upon yourself, Find the extent of pain you feel, And try to make it worse. Is your life truly hell? Or are you having a rough time and simply do not know how to let it out rather than pleading for attention online. Overall, If your life is worth it depends on you. You, The individual, Are the highest acting force in your own life. If you choose to simply give up your life, I won't stop you. However, I implore you to look upon your life, And ask if it's really as bad as you think it is.

    As a bit of an afterthought, I'd like to take a moment to analyze the posed question, "IS life worth it? ! ? I really don't think so when life decides to unleash infinite hell on me. And only me. "
    I believe it arrogant and pretentious to imply that you are either, The person whom endures the most suffering possible, Or, Just as improbable, The only person who suffers. First let's discuss the former. To imply that you suffer more than any other individual is nonsensical and illogical. While one could counter my claim by saying that, As I have previously stated, Pain is incredibly subjective. And this is true, There is no way to measure the amount of pain you feel. However, This same logic can be used against you, I could just as easily say that, Because of the subjectivity of pain, We could just as easily assume that there are others who suffer more than you do. Now let's discuss the latter, To imply that you are the only person who suffers is just as ridiculous. This logic can be simply dismantled by the fact that other people are capable of suffering. If this were not the case, There would be no songs about heartbreak, Novels and stories of emotion, Or suicide in the first place.

  • I once had a friend, And there's even worse

    I once had a friend who was raped, Beaten and tortured by her stepfather at the age of 4, Constantly punched in the face, All the way up until 17 sometimes twice per week. This was only the start of her horrors. She then runs away from home, Gets married, Has a kid, Gets a divorce, The state takes the kid. She attempts suicide by jumping off of a high dive into a pool with no water. Of course she survives. It breaks her back so that she can barely walk without agonizing pain and has a severe limp. The hospitals naturally will not give her any painkillers that work. So she turns to prostitution so she can buy her cocaine and crack because those will kill the pain. She then gets AIDS and dies. I seriously doubt if she had a single happy week in her entire life. For those of you idiots who think that there is a god according to the bible, This god of YOURS knowingly created her to horrifically suffer beyond anything that is within your ability to fathom. AND this god created this stepfather to rape, Beat and torture his stepdaughter at the age of 4 to suffer horrifically that is if god is a god. DO NOT give me this "free will" crap. Sorry it doesn't work. Because this god gives the free will, The power, The very first swing of the bat to the evildoer every---single---time, No exceptions, None. Also if there is free will in heaven with eternal bliss and happiness then there's no reason why god cannot also put into play this same ideal and take the evil and hate out of free will here on earth and since he doesn't it means not only is he evil, But he's a jack$$ and must love pain and suffering especially among children in which he hates. For those of you who do not know this, You have not read your bible as there are 30 or more verses that clearly show this. Now what can children learn from pain and suffering? If you've answered "nothing", You've answered correctly. But then again, Thankfully nobody can even prove that this piece of crap god---even---exists. Rightly. Justly. Yep. I know of even worse that's happened to someone. Through a friend he told me of this. . . He was working as a tech at a psych ward and found that a girl age 6 there was raped so bad that her vagina turned into her a$$. I cannot even contemplate that. Neither can you. So no at times, Life is NOT worth living. I've been through a lot in my life, Enough to easily fill 10 full-length novels, But nowhere near anything like those 2 stories. You people reading this have no idea, None, As to what true suffering is. So keep plodding along those that "think" that they suffer. Sleep helps me because when I wake up things ARE better.

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  • I don't think so.

    I think that there is no point in living because we are born, We eat, Sleep, Kill, And then die. Yes, We might have things to live for, But life has no real purpose in my opinion. I am not just saying this because I am suicidal, But because it is truly what I believe.

  • Hi hey how ya doin

    Your mom my mom our mom his mom her mom the mom this mom that mom high mom low mom 1 mom 2 mom red mom blue mom hi mom bye mom don't die mom I love you mom. . . Not really fast mom slow mom fat mom skinny mom tall mom short mom. . . . See ya later mom

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ShyGuy817 says2018-10-29T18:34:51.230
Daddy says no
Leaning says2018-10-29T23:27:37.060
Oh s***! Hahaha, Oh my bad. I meant to answer No I suddenly realize. Odd, Why did I think. . . Ah, That's why, Never mind. The question and the picture confused me. The picture looking like the question itself I mean, But I'm answering for the question asked, Rather than answering the picture. The question being IS LIFE WORTH IT? ! ? , My answer yes. Is suicide worth it? Generally I would say no. Maybe always no, But I'm bad at hypothetical situations.