Is light the absence of darkness (Yes)or, is darkness the absence of light (No) ?

Asked by: BurukAmanuel
  • What kind of light are you referring to?

    Are you referring to natural light? (Sun, Moon, stars, fire.) or man made light? (Lightbulbs) and from what point of view? (On earth, outer space, different planet, etc,.) also what kind of species are you? (to some creatures, light is dark (blinding) and dark is light)

    Im assuming you are human:
    You need dark to see light, but you do not need to see light to see dark (Unless they are dark objects.)

    Imagine this: We are on earth. (I believe you are.. If I'm wrong than I'm sorry.) Take the sun away and the moon away. What do you see without man made light? Nothing, just complete darkness without man made light. – dark is the absence of light.

    Outer space - dark is the absence of light.

    From what I see(n), discovered, and have been told.. BLACK CONSUMES ALL

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