• Lil Kim's pregnancy is newsworthy

    Lil Kim is a celebrity. Her pregnancy is as newsworthy as any other celebrity's pregnancy is. Although it may not be real news, it is celebrity news. Many people want to read about celebrities and their lives. It is interesting to know which celebrity is having a baby, which celebrity is getting married and which celebrity is getting divorce. It is really not news, but it is celebrity news.

  • Large fan base

    Yes, her pregnancy is worth making the news, because she has a large fan base that would want to see and stay updated with the events in her life, especially something as major as getting pregnant and having a baby. When you are famous people want to know everything that happens.

  • She is insignificant in entertainment today

    No, I do not believe that Lil Kim's pregnancy was actually newsworthy. Lil Kim has not been newsworthy for any reason since the early 2000s. Not to mention most people that actually know who she is, probably is not only not interested in her as an entertainer, but have no idea what she looks like in general. It is a shame that the media has nothing better to do but to follow someone who is no longer prominent.

  • People Get Pregnant All the Time

    Millions of women are pregnant all over the world right now, waiting to give birth to the next generation of humanity. Lil Kim is no different--she just happens to be a rapper and hip-hop star. Her pregnancy isn't newsworthy as she is a woman of childbearing age. She apparently has intercourse and the natural result of that act is to get pregnant. No news here.

  • Not To Me

    I do not believe Lil'Kim's pregnancy is really newsworthy. While I was a fan of her music in the 90's she really hasn't done much work in the entertainment industry as of late. To me she has dropped off the scene so to speak and it doesn't really matter if she is pregnant or not.

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