• Yes he so Is

    Lil Wayne is almost the best thats out there. If you can even contemplate some of his latest albums...You would understand how good he is. Just listen to his lyrics, they show true meaning behind his words--he's obviously not all about the usual stuff rappers yap about now a days.

  • Good at punchlines; Subpar flow compared to other artists

    Lil Wayne has his unique high pitched voice, and definitely maintains a very high reputation when it comes to one-liners or comedic verses. Nonetheless, unless it is for a light smirk or a small chuckle, he is not in contention of such a title. Even in simple terms of popular success, there are many others that are head and shoulders above him at this moment.

  • No and why would he be?

    This piece of garbage talks about " beating the p*ssy up like Emmit Till" .......Yea he's definitely the greatest rapper. He has no substance in his music,like most rappers. Most of them talk about how many 'hoes' they have,how many cars,they have,how many people they shot up this morning.....Thats not music. Its a waste of space,while there's other people in this world with actual talent and creativity....But yet these rappers make millions with the beats they make and degrading women.......Awesome

  • No he isn't

    He is slow, he has a high voice, and he's a fake. I like some of his music but not a lot of it. Lil Wayne is not as good as Eminem. Eminem is definitely the greatest. Lil Wayne acts like he's big but he's short. Enough Said. Right. Okay

  • Is this a joke?

    In his day, Wayne had a few decent hits. A few. The problem is, all of his lyrics are meaningless metaphors which have no relevance to real life. His lyrics are poor, his music gives no guidance and his beats are abysmal. The greatest modern rapper at the moment is probably Jay Z or Kanye, but Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, The Creator both have big futures.

  • No Lil Wayne is not the greatest modern rap artist.

    I think Jay Z holds the title of greatest modern rap artist, Lil Wayne music is not for me. I am tired of hearing Lil Wayne's repetitive lyrics, all he raps about is money sex drugs. If he comes out with better content he will be the greatest, but I do not see that happening.

  • This question makes me sad

    Lil Wayne wasn't always abysmal, but even former long time fans will tell you he is now. He's fallen into the trite, repetitive and pointless crap spewed out by so many. There's nothing to take away from anything he's produced in years other than the knowledge that relentlessly hammering the same narrow group of topics sells albums.

  • Lil Wayne Lacks Substance

    Lil Wayne is not the greatest modern rap artist, because he has no substance behind his music. There is very little ingenuity, artistic creativity, or poetic meaning in his songs. His music is shallow so he cannot be the greatest. Other rappers have more complex melodies, more interesting beats, more talent in rapping, and much better lyrics.

  • Lil Wayne Is Garbage

    There was a time where I would entertain this, but not anymore. Lil Wayne used to be good but now he is terrible. Lil Wayne fell off and is far from the greatest rapper of this era. Weezy hasn't released a good album since 2007, and to be honest The Carter 3 wasn't as good as his previous albums.

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