• After everything that the American people have given him, a little respect would be decent.

    Lil' Wayne, in my opinion, is a great piece of evidence for anyone to argue for the redistribution of wealth. He, and other Entertainment-Industry poster children are nothing more than paid propagandists by idiocy, who at any moment could do something stupid that inspires the masses to do something even more stupid. Lil' Wayne and other members of the modern music industry already inspire countless American youths to take up "that good kush and alcohol," and he has broken the law countless times, only to get a free ride for his celebrity status, and massive amount of wealth. Some gangs worship him. Some say he defines the "black community." The members of the black community whom I know find that insulting, but then again they went to college...

    That said, the American people are responsible for his right to say this. They are the ones who inflated his bank account. They are the ones who chose to let his garbage that we have chosen to call music taint the minds of our youth. The least he can do is kiss ass every once in a while; not promote even more anti-American sentiment that could drive this country into a rebellion.

    With that said, "the hood" is what's hidden in America. When a foreigner comes into our country, that's what they see. The place isn't what it was 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years ago. We are no longer a respectable nation, and he's showing that to the world, but it's not because of repressing the hood, it's because we have no self-respect. We have no American culture anymore. We have a web of lazy people who give all of their money to a guy like this, and then expect our government to help us by "creating jobs" or giving us welfare. Some of us just have no dignity, just like Mr. Wayne.

  • Of course he is wrong

    Lil Wayne showed such disrespect to the flag. Disrespecting the flag is disrespecting America. What did America do to him? America gave him freedom. Freedom is something many countries are lacking. He basically wasn't greatful for everything he had. Everything he had is what America provided him with. So disrespecting the flag is purely wrong.

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Eitan_Zohar says2013-06-19T19:36:44.743
Lil Wayne is wrong period.