• Lil yachty trash

    This dude use autotune on all his songs and somehhow he stil manages to sing every note out of tune. Like wtf? Also, His beats aren't even good plus his lyrics don't make sense. He must be stopped at any cost. That is why I am going to make a petition on change. Com to get him deported.

  • Hes a heckin yacht

    This dood is a yacht so of course hes really good! He has music, Thats better than other artists. The other ones just have art. . . But he is an artist so he sells art but his art is better than the artists art. . . . Reee e e e e e e

  • He is trash

    But we don't have to do anything because he's recently been spending heaps of time with Bhad Bhabie like going on tour with her for song gucci flip flops. She only just turned 15 and shes a hoe so most likely he'll go to prison or catch a case dw guys

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