Is limitless energy possible, if so (or not), why?

Asked by: Rezamee
  • Limitless energy is possible

    According to big bang theory the space is continuously expandind .It means that matter is expanding and will continue to do so till time's end. By Einstein's equation (E=mc^2) if matter is infinite then energy is infinite or limitless too. So it may be possible that infinite energy exists around us.

  • Limitless energy is possible

    Limitless energy is possible as energy is present without limits in the earth's atmosphere. It is spread en=venly all through the earth.Limitless energy is therefore possible. So limitless energy is possible. It is the energy which help the mankind to live on earth form geysors to fans form fans to lights. So it is possible.
    This all os jst rubbish...

  • Conservation of energy.

    As has been awkwardly stated in the no column of this opinion, not by basic science. Energy can not be created or destroyed we know that and there is an amount of energy in the universe and energy can only be transferred and transformed. However, a limit is defined by a stop to a count. Since we do not know how limited our universe is, we can't really say if there is a limit. Nor can we say that there is a limit. As long as a particle has mass, it has energy. We don't know how much massive dark matter we have. One thing that we know for sure is that this universe has more energy than what we need so far.

    As for harvestable energy, yes it is limitless in supply provided you can change its product/s back into the reactants.

  • Limitless energy in stars

    You may be knowing that many stars as well as our sun have been shining since billions of years this is only due to fusion of hydrogen into helium . This is a limitless energy produced by stars by fusion . This energy can also be created by heating at a very high temperature two deuterium
    molecules of hydrogen

  • In Economics, Yes

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  • Limitless? No. Practically unlimited? Yes

    We cannot have an unlimited supply of energy - It just can't e done. It violates the laws of physics. However, we can create a supply of energy so vast we could not use it fast enough - a PRACTICALLY unlimited supply of energy. There are many proposed sources of energy, everything from harvesting energy form the vacuum of space-time to using super-radiant scattering to steal energy from rotating super-massive black holes - any one of these technology could give us a practically unlimited supply of energy for as long as we needed it.

  • Perfectly from science

    Limitless energy can be or not can be possible due to sun and star solar system is completed and is needed to live which is only 21% so i think that we should watch and movies to support our answer but HAPPY birthday bash by yo yo honey singh thanks

  • Nope. Can't be done with modern physics.

    All the laws theorized and proven by research point to a big NOPE. If in case you were referencing to the miracle engines referred to as the Emdrive and Cannae drive. There is a lengthy post on Reddit defining the current work on it. Even then. It is still a big NOPE.

  • Not by basic science

    Energy can not be created or destroyed we know that and there is a finite amount of energy in the universe and energy can only be transferred and transformed. Therefore there cannot be unlimited energy in the universe. I need 50 words so here is a completely use less sentence.

  • Not in science, for sure.

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed- thus there is a finite amount on energy that can be found in the universe. This requires me to write at least 50 words, so the rest of this is just filler- I already made my point. How about you read it again? Reading it again is good. Consider the advantages of reading it once more.

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