Is Lindsay Lohan this generation's Marilyn Monroe?

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  • No.

    I have to be honest, I burst out laughing when I saw this question. Lindsey Lohan is not even remotely comparable to the eternal Marilyn Monroe. Lohan is a cheap two bit actress, and that's about where the comparisons end. Monroe socialized with presidents, she inspired a generation, and did not end up in jail countless times.

  • No, not at all

    This question is ridiculous. In no way what so ever is Lindsay Lohan in any way similar to Marilyn Monroe. Sure, they both had issues but not nearly in the same aspect. Marilyn was inspiring, and lived her life in a beautiful way opening the door for women, and making sure that women were able to see that just because you make a mistake that it is not the end of the world, and you can always bounce back. Unlike Lindsay who keeps getting back and back into more trouble every time.

  • No, Lindsey Lohan is not this generation's Marilyn Monroe

    The fact that such a question is even posed for debate shows the lack of creativity and originality pop culture currently has. If the question would have been is Madonna this generations Marilyn Monroe that would have been more of a plausible debate. Not to take anything from Lohan, but comparing her to Monroe is like comparing apples to oranges, it is not a fair comparison.

  • Lindsay Lohan is not

    Lindsay Lohan is not comparable to Marilyn Monroe. Not even close to consider. Yes she has had some good acting days but that's about it. At her age she looks like she is about fifty and I think she has no charisma or personality to match Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe is in a different league.

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