• Useful in the Workplace

    I believe that LinkedIn is useful for when dealing with others in the professional workplace. People are free to talk to others without the worry of stumbling across nude, discriminatory and offensive photos. This tool helps us to deal with others in a professional manner when it is most needed.

  • Graduating Senior Find Several Opportunities on LinkedIn

    Upon graduating in May 2014 I have used LinkedIn everyday. I have had many recruiters contact me through LinkedIn where I have received three job interviews. Before my final interview with the company, John Hancock I was able to see that employees at John Hancock viewed my profile as a pre-screening option.

  • It's A Great Tool

    Linkedin is a great tool. I have used it in the past and found it to be both helpful and user-friendly. It's a great and quick way to look up company and individuals' contact information within a few seconds. It's helped me a lot and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Yes, it is.

    As someone who frequently goes on LinkedIn and has a profile on there, I think that it is a very useful tool and a good one at that. It is a great way to network among people and to enhance your professional contact network. It is very good at what it does.

  • Not at all.

    After having used LinkedIn for several occasions, I came away with it with the impression that there really isn't anything overly impressive about it. It seems to do a decent job to connect people, but other than that it seems to be a bit of a one trick pony for many.

  • I'm not impressed with it.

    I have a LinkedIn account, but aside from accepting connections, I really don't use it. Perhaps others find it to be a useful tool, but I am not one of those people. I have plenty of other ways of connecting with my friends, I don't need LinkedIn to add to that list.

  • Just a load of egos

    I'm not sure what the purpose is of Linkedin. Would anyone hire a person on the list? How can you tell how good they are. Do you count their links like friends on FaceBook? Just a load of puffery, just like PR. The site needs more substance. CVs and on-line applications to help up and coming youngsters, not a load of old timers trying to keep in touch.

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