• It's free for everyone

    And so are most of Linux's packages, as an operating system linux is somewhat easy to learn depending on how, noob systems or documentation & research, the primary issue with linux is compatability but as an issue linux has it's own versions and substitutes for applications on other operating systems, for gaming compatibility is becoming less of an issue as steam OS runs on Linux encouraging development also as generations pass and people become more acclimatised to programming and specifically BASH in the case of Arch minus the faff, fee and restrictions of Windows and Mac.

  • Yes dude surely

    A free operating system with lots of features,,,and does and behave as you would like it...Performs extremely well,,is not disobedient like Windows. I agree you need some experience to maintain it, but it is the best! It has better visual effects, and the freedom to tune it, customize it. And much more

  • Linux is good

    It is open source, and there are so many distributions, or flavors of it that you can use. Anyone could make their own Linux if they wanted to. There are some Linux distributions that I really dislike, but there are also some that I really like. There is a large range of software for Linux, and it is free.

  • No, It simply is not the best.

    It is the best at open-source development and for certain folks who like to tinker with parts of operating systems that most of the population couldn't care less about. Windows 7 is probably the most solid version of windows yet, and I have greatly enjoyed using it. Apple's OS' are probably the most defined, streamlined, and from a usability standpoint, the best. But in all cases, Linux is not considered in my mind, to be the best operating system unless it's for rack-mounted servers or geeks that like to tinker.

  • No

    Every operating system has its benefits, and Linux has several benefits as opposed to iOS and Windows, but I would not say that any of these operating systems are "the best". The "best" operating system for anyone depends on what the person is wanting to do. For example, Linux is more flexible than the other two and is more beneficial for the computer savvy.

  • Linux is one of several good choices for an operating system.

    Although many Linux operating systems are open source and available for 'free', it still depends on what your computer is being used for. Linux may be the best choice for individual users that want a free operating system. Windows and Mac OS are both fairly expensive. Linux is not as prone to getting the viruses and malware that Windows is known for. I am a Windows fan because of the many applications that can be run on it.

  • No. Not necessarily.

    Finding the best operating system really just depends upon your needs and desires in an operating system. For the greatest customization and freedom in software development, Linux would obviously be the best, given the ease of access to such tools. However, something like Windows would be good for the average user.

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