• Yes Lionblaze is better

    I think that Lionblaze is better than Firestar and is a much better warrior. Overall, Lionblaze also looks better when it comes about what to expect in a warrior, and with its amber tale and overall physique I think is a good hunter and knows how to go for its prey.

  • Yes lionblaze rules

    He was a clanborn cat, he wouldn't let millions of kitty pets into the clan, he is an amazing fighter,he would defend the border more willingly than firestar, has never disobeyed his leader,IS NOT A KITTYPET. Would you really rather have a book of signing peace treaties or a big battle.

  • Lionblaze is an amzing cat

    While many people view lionblazes williness to fight I view it as a strength because he uses his power to put his life at risk so he can keep his clan safe I also like lionblaze as a warrior more than I would a leader, just because firestar is a good leader doesn't mean lionblaze should be or that that role suits him

  • Yes. Lionblaze is the better warrior.

    Yes. From what I have read so far, it appears that Lionblaze is clearly the better warrior when compared with Firestar. It cannot be said if this will change since the characters seem to evolve, but I would have to say at this time that Lionblaze could beat Firestar in a battle.

  • No, Firestar is better

    First, Lionblaze loses his powers after Last Hope. When it comes to better cat overall, Firestar is a better decision maker, Leader, and hunter as he has learned from Sandstorm a lot [Sandstorm was the best hunter in the clan]. The only thing Lionblaze might have over Firstar is Combat skills, and since he lost his powers, we won't know for sure.

  • NO not really

    Liston and remember no spoilers, so from what i'v read so far Fierstar is a calm leader and knows how far the boundaries can be pushed , but Lionblaze some times can't control his strength if any of you remember form series 3 book 4 Eclipse when wind and river clan were fighting Thunder and Shadow clan

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  • No, Firestar is better.

    Bluestar trusts Firestar and he serves his clan well as leader. Lionblaze, however, never becomes leader, and never gets the trust from Firestar that Bluestar gave Fireheart. Fireheart is also a more skilled warrior from what I have read so far. Fireheart is more intelligent. He got the knowledge from exiling Tigerclaw, which helped him be better.

  • Lionblaze is a horrible character

    Lionblaze is self centered arrogant and only thinks about himself fighting and cinderheart. Firestar actually thinks about his clan and takes responsibility for his actions unlike lionblaze lionblaze is up there with tigerstar and brokenstar when it comes to worst warriors ever. Lionblaze also depends on his power all the time when it comes down to real skill Firestar wins hands down

  • Lionblaze well never even come close to firestar

    Lionblaze is self centered, arrogant and only thinks about fighting and cinderheart. Firestar actually thinks about the needs of the clan Lionblaze has no skill he depends on that stupid power of his without it Firestar could easily beat him in a fight. Lionblaze is far from a true warrior.

  • Who was the FIRST star warrior

    Firestar is leader of Thunderclan and lives to be the best known leader ever. Unlike Lionblaze he makes dumb decisions but so did Firestar. The piont is that Firestar never did die from chasing Foxes bigger then him while he was a kit :(. When a person first start reading the series they meet this brave flame colored tom. I believe that Firestar will always be better than Lionblaze

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