Is listening to music while studying a distraction or not?

Asked by: TheCuriousGuy
  • In my time, music has been an amazing help in my work

    Despite all the distraction certain music might cause, without music my homework assignments wouldn't be done until late at night. Music sort of puts me in a phase of interest where the stuff I want to do and the stuff I don't neutralize each other leaving only the will to get everything done. This means that as long as the music counters my will to not do my homework, I can complete my assignments no problem.

  • It can be distracting, but not always.

    I am aware that music can help people with studying. But that doesn't mean that it isn't ever distracting. There are times when a person may be distracted by music, other times when not. I personally have experience of both occurring. There are times when I got too into the music and failed to get any work done, there have been other times when I have had an easier time getting work done because of the music.

  • Music is a major part of my life

    I've had music playing for most of my life. Just recently my school had banned listening to music in class, my grades and work ethic had dropped significantly. I got distracted quite easily had gotten in trouble far more and started breaking down in tears from stress. I struggled a lot and needed help my teachers ended up sending me to the school counsellor. Without music my life would be so different and i cant picture studying without it

  • Not in my experience, quite the reverse

    I did all the research and writing for all of my university work as an undergraduate with music blasting away in the background. The same is true of my Master's essays and dissertation, my Doctoral thesis, and a book. I find it pretty tricky to write and study without something on in the background.

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