• Maybe some times it doesn't feel like it..

    Maybe I'd feel differently if I believed in god. But since I don't, I can more fully appreciate the preciousness of life.
    Maybe life's not worth living at the moment. I wouldn't know. But I do know that it's not always going to be like this. Life changes. People change and grow. While you may cry now you will laugh tomorrow. Trust me, I know.

  • Life is definitely worth living.

    Many philosophers and scientists argue over the meaning of life. However, the true purpose for any species or organism is to reproduce and keep its species alive. As humans we have the ability to reason, that is the thing that really separates man from animal, we don't act off of only instinct. We have a level of intelligence that animals don't have. So why don't we take advantage of that gift and enjoy ourselves, or else we are only throwing away an amazing thing.

  • I don´t really think it really is,

    But what can you do, the other side seems tempting with it´s silence, darkness and lack of any human emotion or sensation, but let´s keep going a little bit more and see what happens, although nothing really matters it could be interesting to see what happens next right? Right? Oh dear god why.

    Posted by: SGR

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