• True love is not the end of your happy ending. It is only the beginning- a glimpse of something more.

    But the thing is, relationships can’t solve our problems, heal our wounds, or fulfill all our hopes because they were never intended to. They don’t have the capacity to. It’s a myth to think that all struggles will be lost in the embrace of love because the truth is that struggles will always be a part of our lives. While we are a part of this world, we will always be exposed to the consequences of sin and pain. And sometimes those consequences are be really hard to endure.

    Relationships are made of two broken people who reflect a broken world. In fact, our brokenness is actually magnified within the context of relationship- two flawed human beings, rubbing up against each other day in day out.

    It’s easy to close our eyes to the realness of marriage before we actually taken the leap of lifelong commitment. It’s easy to imagine a world of bliss, living happily ever after while forgetting that the majority of marriage comes down to routine ordinary moments wrapped up in the context of an extraordinary commitment.

    Marriage is not about the “happily ever after”, because it’s so much deeper than that. It supersedes the luxury of feeling, and calls us into the sacrifice of choice. It’s about the day to day decisions- choosing love over selflessness, peace over rightness, intimacy over control. It is the day in day out grind of two humans learning to love in a way that they never imagined they could; in a way they hardly know how to do. Within that calling, there are intoxicating moments of happily ever after, but there are also moments of struggle, sin, and human depravity – followed by forgiveness, grace, and intimacy beyond imagine.

    Whether married or single, our Happy Ever After is never limited by our earthly relationships- because it goes above and beyond those relationships. Rather than seeking a relationship to dissolve our struggles, we must remember to continually come back to the embrace of Jesus- who cleanses our wounds, heals our pain, protects our hearts, and wipes away our insecurities, giving us the ability to truly love without limits.

    And far above earthly love, there is a God who longs to embrace you in His loving and eternal arms; a God who’s plans and purposes for your life include your love life, but even more exciting, they exceed your love life. So whoever you are and wherever you come from, remember this:

  • Of course it is.

    People might think that they are living happily ever after, but they aren't. Living happily ever after means that your life is completely free of worries, and no humans life is like that. If you are rich, then you have to worry about people stealing money. If you are poor...Well, that is self explanatory. Nobody's life is free.

  • Yes, it is!

    There is no such thing as a happily ever after! There is no one out there who is completely happy, to the very end, with no regrets or so on. If everyone believed everything went all fine and dandy and that everything that happens makes everything better, everyone is a fool.

    Posted by: aray
  • Living Happily Ever After A Myth

    Without a doubt, living happily ever after is mostly a myth today. Plenty of people can achieve their own happiness, but it's not as great as it sounds for most people. Happily ever after requires more work than ever before to achieve. Unfortunately, millions of people won't even achieve it.

  • No, people can live happily ever after.

    Any person that has achieved an amount of money that allows them to be comfortable and free of working can live happily ever after. This is because they can enjoy the rest of their life without any fear of what will happen to them. Money gives these people the ability to not have to worry.

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