Is living in the country better than living in the city?

Asked by: leh
  • It really is an opiniated question

    If you chose to live in the countryside, Then you will live peacefully because nobody else lives there, And you will get fresh air. But it would be hard for you to buy food because you live away from the city, Where people work, So you will have to grow your own food. If you live in the city, It would be very busy, But the view would be cool, And it would be much easier to buy essential products.

  • I think that living in the countryside is way better than living in the city.

    I feel this way for two main reasons. First, Living in the countryside makes me self-sufficient. For example, Residents of the countryside take care of their own trash by recycling, Composting, And feeding scraps to critters like chickens simply because they mostly do not have any trash collection service. As a result, Countryside dwellers have the ability and knowledge to compost and recycle that gives them even more benefits such as a by-product of a bone meal for example of natural fertilizer that can be used in growing fruits and vegetables. Secondly, I think that living in the countryside makes people agile and fit. For instance, I have to chop wood to keep my home warm in the winter so I consider that as my daily workout because it is physically challenging. However, If I live in the city, I do not have to chop wood as a result, I would just sit and be lazy and not work out at all.

  • I believe that living in the countryside is better than living in the city for several reasons

    In my opinion, Living in the country is better than living in the city, For reasons such as the very strong contact with nature that is obtained in rural life, The possibility of producing part of your own food in an organic and healthy way in the country, And the tranquility out of the pollution and stress that is found in urban centers, Having a simpler life in the country, Without needing many things to live can provide great happiness, Another factor is that with the advancement of technologies, Even living in the countryside, The inhabitant does not you will feel isolated, As you will be able to keep in touch with several people in different areas.

    Posted by: leh
  • Not many benefits of it.

    You can be really stressed while living in the town, And living in the country is making you sort of relaxed, As a matter of fact, That is a good benefit, But we need to count the problem of inability to find the most important sorts of markets, Etc for a living (like shops, Police stations, Schools). So I'd rather prefer to live in a town.

  • There are countless points that make me find the city better, Such as access to the Health System, Among others.

    I believe that living in the city is better than living in the countryside. In the city, People have faster and unlimited access to things, Which nowadays have become indispensable for human survival, Such as medicines (family), Robbery shops, Supermarkets. In addition to contact with people, Which in the city happens in a more direct way, The individual sees his friends every day and in the field, The people you normally have direct contact with are your family, Only. Furthermore, It is not in all parts of the field that people have access to the internet (which is essential for an academic, For example), Nor the energy, Which today we cannot imagine what it is like to live without. And treated water, Which we know is not something that everyone has access to. So, I think living in the CITY is much better.

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